Jónas Roy Bjarnason


Location icon Canada

Jónas Roy Bjarnason started his career at the tender age of 7 when he started writing short stories and comic books to fulfill an uncontrolled urge to express his bizarre outtake on life. Going so far to have few stories published with help from his caring mother. Later on, he went to write numerous screenplays which he produced as sketches, short films, and video games. Acquired a screenwriting diploma in Vancouver, Canada and made that city his current habitat.

With over 4 years experience of working with studios as a story consultant and translator. 8 years of working independently with other creative artists to produce self-made content. Jónas considers himself as a screenwriter first and foremost who concentrates mostly on writing for films, television, animation, and video games.

Jónas is always looking for an opportunity to work with ambitious people who want to cement their vision into the world.