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Blue Sea Holidays team with Kickdynamic to power their email content

Well-known provider of affordable all-inclusive holidays and package deals, Blue Sea Holidays, will be working in partnership with email marketing pioneers Kickdynamic to drive engagement and keep their customers up to date with the very latest offers.

Inside Croydon
Baby Barney's adventures in Sunny Bank hit 1m viewer mark

A television series created by a first-time dad from South Norwood has hit the 1million viewer mark in just six months. Dom and Jenny Williams were expecting their first child when he came up with the idea for Sunny Bank Allotments, an animated series for pre-schoolers named after their home street and a much-loved local...

Lux Magazine
Start-Up Celebrates Sweet Win With Collaboration At Five Star London Hotel - Lux Magazine

THE FUTURE is looking sweet for fledgling Start-up 'Diet Starts Tomorrow' having landed a much-coveted spot on the in-room dining menu of legendary five-star hotel The May Fair in London. Launched just eight months ago, Diet Starts Tomorrow, which offers monthly subscription boxes of gourmet sweets and treats is the brainchild of young entrepreneurs, co-founders and friends Charlie Terry and Mikey Pearce.

Georgia Today on the Web
Unprecedented Music Therapy Conference Happening in Tbilisi

Exclusive Interview The first Georgian Music therapy Conference will be held on the March 1 and 2 to coincide with World Music Therapy Day). Music therapy is already helping disabled adults and children in Georgia, thanks to Teona Kacheishvili, Director of the first Georgian Music Therapy Center.

My Entrepreneur Magazine
Is Influencer Marketing the right route for your business? - My Entrepreneur Magazine

As time has gone on people have grown more cynical toward traditional advertising and now advertising online. The feeling of untrustworthiness, of making ridiculous claims and playing to our most basic instincts. In a world which is saturated by advertising, it is hard for us to trust any of the claims marketeers make with traditional adverts.

Seven fatal startup mistakes (and how to avoid them)

By James Ker-Reid , CEO of Sales For Startups , a specialist consultancy founded in 2017 and built on over a decade of experience in enterprise sales selling both technology services and products.
T.M. Lewin personalises marketing emails, adds real-time, automated feature

Email marketing may not carry the glamour of major seasonal print campaigns but it's a crucial sales tool and one that's particularly important when it comes to one all-important feature - personalisation. And T.M. Lewin has teamed up with email marketing company Kickdynamic to drive customer engagement by automating and personalising its newsletters.

The Next Web
How enterprise social media like Slack can improve employee well-being

We live in a world where technology is increasingly ubiquitous and showing no signs of slowing down. Whether in our professional or personal lives, the always-on, always-connected nature of life in 2019 seems to be unavoidable. And aside from the internet itself, of all the technologies, software, and hardware available to us, the spread of ...

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