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'I've always felt I've had two identities'

Hundreds of women gathered at the UK's first Black Girl Festival in London to celebrate and explore what it means to be a black woman in the UK. Founders, Paula Akpan and Nicole Krystal, crowdfunded over £7,000 to launch the event because they felt it was something that had never been done before.

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'A real representation of British society'

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's engagement is shining a light on inter-racial couples in the UK. Ms Markle, who is of African-American and white heritage, is set to become the first mixed-race member of the British Royal Family, with her and Prince Harry the first interracial royal couple.

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How Toni & Guy gave hair a new look

Toni Mascolo, who has died aged 75, and his brother Guy revolutionised hairdressing in London at the end of the last century. The son of an immigrant hairdresser, Toni had initial dreams of becoming a lawyer, but hard times forced him into his father's business.

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'Zimbabwe is tired of this dynasty'

Zimbabwean exiles have gathered outside the country's embassy in London to celebrate the arrest of Robert Mugabe. Many of them are members of the Zimbabwe Human Rights Organisation, a UK charity which has protested weekly against the abuses of the Harare government. On Wednesday they came to celebrate what they hope is the fall of Mugabe.

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Best before dates: How old is too old?

A major retailer has announced it will be the first to sell food after its "best before" date. But for many people, eating an item a few days - or even years - out of date is nothing new.

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Parliament debates Libyan slave trade

MPs have called on the British government to take urgent action to prevent African migrants being sold as slaves in Libya. Footage of young men being auctioned off as farm workers, broadcast by CNN, has prompted international outrage.

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'I'm a waitress but I feel like a sex worker'

Nilufer Guler is a waitress, but says she feels more like a sex worker at times. On the second day in a new job, a table of wealthy, suited men said they would "buy her" off her manager so she could eat expensive steak with them.

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Sanitary towel advert features red 'blood'

Bodyform has become the first brand in the UK to feature sanitary pads stained with red liquid, rather than blue, in its adverts. Parent company Essity said it wanted to confront taboos surrounding periods. The firm says research found 74% of people wanted to see more honest representation in adverts.

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Rail passengers 'misled' over festive trips

Transport Secretary Chris Grayling has ordered an investigation after reports rail firms "misled" customers. The watchdog Transport Focus said companies were selling tickets for services over Christmas, despite knowing they will not run. Mr Grayling said was "unacceptable" for passengers to have to pay higher "walk-up" fares at Christmas.

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Pets 'at risk from passive smoking'

Family pets are equally, if not more, at risk of being affected by passive smoking as humans, research suggests. Animals inhale more smoke and - because of their grooming routines - also digest nicotine when licking their fur, a study by Glasgow University said.

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Hair-chop traffic cop 'humiliated women'

Nigeria's road safety organisation has disciplined a senior commander after he was filmed punishing female employees by cutting off their long hair. Photos showing the male commander taking a pair of scissors to the women's hair at an inspection parade sparked outrage online.

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