John H. Palmer

Media, communications and book publishing professional in the Greater Boston area

Location icon United States of America

A native of Norwalk, Connecticut and a graduate of the journalism department at Southern Connecticut State University, I have 20 years experience as a media professional, with a background that includes writing and editing copy for print, radio, television, magazines, and marketing, as well as blogs and magazines. I am highly fluent promoting my work through online and social media platforms and very accustomed to high-volume assignments that require juggling many tasks at once. I am very well organized and deadline-oriented.

My current position has me working as a managing editor at a healthcare publishing and education company, responsible for producing and managing editorial content of several newsletters serving the healthcare safety and compliance industries, as well as producing and moderating e-learning products and live webinar events. As part of my daily work responsibilities, I am expected to analyze customer needs and market trends by conducting regular focus groups and surveys, and participate in marketing efforts to promote and drive customer purchases.


Blog Articles
Hour With: He searches for ghosts

By JOHN H. PALMER Hour Correspondent I've been called many things in my life. I wasn't very good at high school baseball. I have a slightly large noggin. I am a member of the press. I have a pretty thick skin. I can take it.