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Independent writer, editor, researcher; avid reader, active thinker.

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Over two decades as a writer, editor, researcher, and content developer, I've always focused on insight, wit, a sharp reading of any situation, and striving to present the most readable result. I have a wealth of experience in music, media and pop culture writing (All Music Guide, Pitchfork Media, Decider, Village Voice, Metro Times Detroit, OC Weekly), a varied background as a copywriting hired gun (VSA Partners), in e-commerce and descriptive product content writing (CDW), and even as a writer of dynamic textbook content for middle school students. It's all about the blinking cursor.

Johnny Loftus

The Latest By Johnny Loftus * 277 Shares The manifold failures of the Trump administration's pandemic response are put in sobering perspective by Alex Gibney's Totally Under Control. This doc isn't ripped from the 2020 headlines -- it ... She'll throw her shoe at you. (And we love her for it.)

Lady Sovereign

Grime's a fun word to say, and it applies to the London-based musical strain accurately. But it's really just nameplate engineering, like illbient or y'allternative. It doesn't ensure genre durability, especially when grime's very nature is chaotic and freaky and boiling up in some crumbling tenement room.

Hispanic! at the Disco

In the early 1980s, file sharing was still a street-level phenomenon, and the global village relied on word of mouth, radio and the deft skills of dance-floor DJs to spread sounds worldwide.

Taraji P. Henson Is The Messy, Beautiful, And Furiously Beating Emotional Heart Of 'Empire'

is one of those shows where, when characters say things like "Enough!" and "Sorry to interrupt!" They aren't sorry, and it's never enough. It's a show where a homeless drunkard and potential murder witness spouts portentious lines of Old Testament code, family infighting reaches UFC levels, and the petulant young prince of a hip-hop empire can taunt the President of the United States just to watch his personal brand's viral metrics soar into the stratosphere.

John Frusciante: Shadows Collide with People

After returning in the role of Lazarus to the long-running L.A. school play called RHCP, John Frusciante had a star turn in repurposing Californication and By the Way as wise, unwanky meditations on the mellow gold of life after hedonism.