John Reid

Freelance writer, Copywriter, Ghostwriter

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Hi! I'm the responsible, diligent freelancer you're looking for. Need quality copywriting, newsletters, press releases etc.? Plenty of freelancers that can do that for you... Finding one that will meet due dates, invoice and follow up with you in a timely manner? That's tough. It's also what sets me apart. I'm the dependable, flexible writer you need

Business writing experience: press releases, newsletters, brochures, grant writing
Journalism: human interest, health & fitness, personal growth
Marketing: brandbuilding, SEO optimization, event planning
TV writing/production: sports writer & segment producer with BT Calgary (contract)

Want to work together? Contact me: [email protected]


General Interest

Review: Action Wipes - The Ultimate Shower Alternative

I'm a sweaty guy. The type of guy that brings a linen closet's worth of towels to get through hot yoga. I get pretty stinky too; a couple days without showering and my scent deteriorates to a smell best described as "grandpa's wedding jacket". So personal hygiene takes a little extra effort for me.

The Long Weekenders

You can feel it on the Wednesday, but only if you''re really paying attention. The air sits a little heavier on your skin, and if you listen very, very carefully, you can make yourself believe you hear it... a soft buzz in the air. It's a sign.

Gear Review: Hi-Tec Altitude Pro RGS

I've always been a synthetic boot kind of guy. I can't really say why, maybe because my Dad always wore full leather boots and I thought they were too "old school." Well what's old is cool again and as usual, Dad knew best. The full-leather Hi-Tec Altitude Pro RGS ($199.00) earned a zero-blister rating from me.

The One Rule of Summer

I'm a summer kinda guy. Give me green trees, short sleeves, and buzzing bees; those are my needs. I know you winterphiles are out there: you people that live for fresh powder, Christmas and a good game of pond hockey. I can respect your love of the season but I certainly can't understand it.

Crystal Clear

BY JOHN REID Crystal Phillips is always on the move; skating, biking, running. Her fast-paced lifestyle makes it hard to believe the Beaumont, Alta., native has a debilitating degenerative disease. In 2005, Phillips, then 19, was bursting with potential as one of the top young speed skaters in the country.


Giddy-Up for Some Meat-Free Protein

I am an Albertan, born and bred, and there are a few things I love about my province. No provincial sales tax. The Flames/Oilers rivalry. Bold, savoury Alberta beef. That''s right, I love the fruit of the bovine. If you told me I could only eat rib-eye steak cooked Chicago-medium for the rest of my life, I''d hope to live to 100.

Underestimating Electrolytes

Electrolytes are minerals that act as little electrical transporters to keep fluid moving in the body. Your kidneys use hormones to regulate electrolytes, but when there aren''t enough electrolytes there''s not a lot they can do. The key to remember is that when you''re sweating you''re not just losing water, you're losing electrolytes, too.

Get Yourself Race Ready: Carb Loading

Ahhhh...summer! The majestic flocks of Canada geese have returned North, the snow is melting high up in the alpine, and the panicked, haggard breathing of the runner in front of you is escalating as you overtake him in your first 10-kilometre race of the year. That''s right.