John Meah

Freelance Writer & Cybersecurity Consultant

United Kingdom

John is an extraordinary Freelance Writer with a remarkable talent for blending a Client's vision with his creative brilliance. With his membership in the esteemed Chartered Institute of Information Security- MCIIS and extensive knowledge of Cybersecurity, John is truly an expert in his field. He has achieved the prestigious CISSP, PCIP, and CCSK certifications, setting the gold standard for his expertise. John's 20 years of experience in IT and Information security across various industries, particularly finance, demonstrate his ability to meet the unique needs of different businesses.

You can expect an exceptional writing experience with John in his attention to detail and finely tailored creations to meet your specific deadline.

John's creative journey ignited when he decided to participate in a slogan competition featured in 'Manchester Life,’ a popular UK publication. His winning entry granted him recognition and served as a catalyst for his burgeoning creative writing career. This triumphant milestone fueled his passion and propelled him to pursue further writing endeavors.

John is a talented writer who has made valuable contributions to multiple publications such as Finixio (Techopedia), InfoSec Magazine, The Pulse magazine, and Writers & Artists.

Apart from writing for various technology companies in the United States and Canada, John has a wide range of expertise in topics like PCI-DSS, 365 Defender, Mobile Device Management, Predictive Risk Profiling, and Ethical Phishing, and he has written on subjects ranging from Security certifications, Public Health, to Chicago's COVID-19 Vaccine Operation.

At the beginning of 2023, he published the PCIPv3.0 study guide, and recognizing the imminent release of PCI-DSSv4.0, he recently published the Payment Card Industry Professional (PCIP) v4.0: Your Ultimate Study Guide to Success.

Coupled with John's freelance writing focus for his clients, he's crafting his highly anticipated Cyber Thriller, fueled by his passion for all things cyber and technology.



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