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Will Your Dreams True... Luck Is Just Persistence.

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First and foremost, my name is John Matthew Simon, but my friends call me Simon.

I am a motivated and experienced communications and marketing professional with extensive experience in music, entertainment, and digital media start-ups, credited with an ability to drive efficiencies, inspire creativity, innovate, and ideate according to the needs of the organization and clients. A unique blend of business and technical savvy, problem solving prowess, and a bias towards action with an ability to drive product development, creative strategy, and make ideas a reality. While working in start-up and creative organizations, I have demonstrated expertise in establishing and maintaining strategic relationships, while managing teams, facilitating ideation/brainstorm sessions, setting and meeting goals with OKRs, and effectively communicating and upholding company aspirations, values, and beliefs.

Plus, I'm an accomplished music journalist and editor with extensive knowledge of AP & Chicago Styles, as well as a seasoned product manager, marketer, and producer who's proficient in HTML5, CSS, XML, JavaScript, and other dev languages.

Also, I am insatiably curious and eager to learn.

You can read more of my creative writing on Medium:

Or hear my lyrics anywhere you find Bully in the Hallway, like Spotify:

Northwestern University - School of Communication
Creative Sector Buzz from the MSLCE Program at Northwestern University

By John Matthew Simon "We never want to become static," said Jeffrey Guerrero, the graphics coordinator at Threadless, as he gave us a tour of their Madison Street madhouse on Chicago's near west side. Founded in 2000 by Jake Nickell and Jacob DeHart, the e-commerce platform and artist community is the longtime darling of Chicago's tech and creative sectors, having innovated the crowdsourcing model.


Here at Do312 we pride ourselves in our love for all things Chicago, but it would be a lie if we denied how excited we get when Chicagoans create music and art... Therefore, we were boofy blitzed, that's 90's for excited, when our pal Shawn Rosenblatt, a.k.a. Netherfriends asked us to partake in the premiere of his new EP "TOUR4EVER". And unsurprisingly, Shawn delivers another EP chalk full of catchy tracks that have made this prolific song-writer a staple and go to when it comes to great...

Jack Daniel's Summer Fest Guide

"There are more than 100 festivals every summer in Chicago, and Jack Daniel's wanted to be associated with all of them without having to sponsor every single one."

Northwestern University - School of Communication
"Music For Everyone"

My Graduate Thesis on Hybrid Business Models in Streaming Media / OTT.

Creative Sector Buzz from the MSLCE Program at Northwestern University

By John Matthew Simon A couple weeks ago my peers and I were given the wonderful opportunity to visit VSA Partners, a design firm in downtown Chicago. We were lucky to be given an extensive tour by partner David Ritter who reinforced the notion that VSA Partners believes in "the beauty and art of good design."

Failure Hasn't Failed Me

I have failed spectacularly and still failure hasn't failed me. I have been swept up in loss, undermined by myself and others, burdened by a lack of communication, unfulfilled with decisions and outcomes, and foundered by the idea that I couldn't control people, places, and things, which in and of themselves are ungovernable.

BxC's Farewell

When we first set out to do this BANDxCITY thing, it was with the mission of highlighting emerging music from the most important cities and scenes that foster it, all in one place. Produced by the people invested in the music coming out of their city, BxC became a space known for its authentic, unwavering voice about local music culture, published for a deserving global audience. Scouring cities from Seattle to Paris and Austin to London, we did this not to act as mere ambassadors, but as a...

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