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Writer. Editor. All-around wordsmith.

United States

I’ve loved to write since I was old enough to love anything. It’s a gift that’s carried me from the rural farmland of Indiana to the sparkling beaches of Florida’s Gulf Coast; from packed high school gymnasiums to Game 1 of the World Series; from crafting social media copy about spine conditions and the procedures that heal them, to managed service providers whose clientele includes a castle in Scotland.

That’s my story. I’d love an opportunity to tell yours.



Why Customers Trust Cologix's Florida Data Centers During Severe Weather Events

At Cologix, the long-term success of our customers is the top priority during the design, build and operation of our 40+ data centers. This is especially true for our Florida data centers - JAX1, JAX2 and LAK1 - that are prone to severe weather events, especially during hurricane season, which began June 1.

How Cologix Tracks Our ESG Progress

Cologix tracks our water and energy usage each month & our carbon footprint each year. Doing so allows us to monitor how efficiently we are operating our 40+ data centers & how we can be more effective in doing so.

Eguides and product sheets

Twin Networks
Twin Networks eGuide

Twin Networks, a managed service provider in Connecticut, can help your office seamlessly adapt to remote work.


MSP | Precision Computer Solutions | Port Huron, Michigan

I worked for an in-house marketing agency where we gave clients a new website. I wrote all the content for Precision Computer Solutions, a managed service provider based in Michigan, after extensive research and interviews with the client. I also collaborated with our design and SEO teams, ensuring we created a website that drove leads and enabled Precision to grow its business.

Case Studies


The Bradenton Herald
Behind The Facemask Part I

My story on Cord Sandberg, one of the best high school quarterbacks to play in Florida.