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"No story has power, nor will it last, unless we feel in ourselves that it is true and true of us." - John Steinbeck, in East of Eden



Thirst Colorado | Serving Up the Colorado Experience | Lifestyle and Craft Libations
Beyond Brownies: Cooking and Cannabis

Take cannabis-infused food to the next level with award-winning Denver chef Jarod "Roilty" Farina

Thirst Colorado | Serving Up the Colorado Experience | Lifestyle and Craft Libations
Cannabis Etiquette: What's changed since legalization, and what hasn't?

We're coming up on 10 years of legal, recreational cannabis in Colorado. One paradox of the destigmatization that goes along with that is that weed etiquette is more important now than ever, and due for an update.

Scene Magazine
Take a whiff: Cannabis terpenes matter just as much as THC and CBD

By John Garvey Please don't tell my parents how much I know about weed. Think of some of your favorite smells. Chimney smoke, sage, pine trees, lawn trimmings, lavender, the house in which you grew up. These obviously vary by person, but at least a couple of your 10 favorite smells are probably plant-based terpenes.

Thirst Colorado | Serving Up the Colorado Experience
Why microdose cannabis?

Microdosing cannabis can boost productivity and focus

Anthea powered by RCS
The Dynamic Cannabis Industry

Synopsis of major developments in 2018 + what to watch for in 2019. Enterprise retail management system designed exclusively for cannabis operations.

Anthea powered by RCS
5 Key Point of Sale Features to Keep Your Dispensary Compliant - Blog

Accurate, accessible record keeping is consistently cited in industry publications as one of the three most important aspects of running a cannabis operation of any size. Having strong day-to-day compliance without quality data management and bookkeeping is like having the proverbial house built on sand.

Anthea powered by RCS
6 Outrageous & Entertaining Facts About Marijuana Policy

By John Garvey A lot of the history of cannabis prohibition reads like satire. It's bizarre, muddled and, depending on how you look at it, sometimes quite funny. We wanted to capture a few special moments without revisiting topics that have already been beaten to death.

Anthea powered by RCS
Expert insights cannabinoid science from Ethan Russo (Part II of II)

Of the hundreds of terpenoids and cannabinoids in cannabis sativa, THC and CBD are by far the best understood. Yet we know there are dozens of terpenes and other compounds that modify their effects and also work in isolation. Isolate CBD and THC from other plant compounds, and you have a lot of lost value.

Anthea powered by RCS
Expert insights on cannabinoid science from Ethan Russo (Part I of II)

"If you were stranded on a desert island and had to pick one plant to meet all your needs, this would be the best choice." - Ethan Russo, M.D. Ethan Russo knows more about weed than anyone you know. Physician and medical researcher Ethan Russo is one of the foremost medical cannabis/medical marijuana experts worldwide.

Scene Magazine
2018 Cannabis Rehash - Scene Magazine

2018 was bookended by two major developments in the cannabis industry, and my oh my, what a lot of interesting stuff got sandwiched in-between! The year did not get off to a promising start for cannabusiness.

Anthea powered by RCS
Thinking and Acting Strategically in the Cannabis Industry

It starts with having clarity about your exit strategy By: John Garvey Last July, shortly after Canada legalized cannabis, Canadian firm Aurora Cannabis (NYSE: ACB) acquired MedReleaf for CN$3.2 billion-or $2.3 billion U.S. A record-breaking cannabis industry acquisition, it signaled that the industry's transition to adolescence.

Scene Magazine
Nothing green about it: Illicit cannabis growing - Scene Magazine

This had never happened to me before, although as a 16-year old boy I had fantasized about it far too often. Now in my mid-30s, I stood contemplating this stroke of dumb luck I would have killed for in high school, thinking, "I should probably pass." You know what I'm talking about, don't you?

Anthea powered by RCS
Waxing on Cannabusiness with LivWell

This month we're talking again with our friends at LivWell Enlightened Health, one of the nation's largest cannabis retail chains and cultivators, about the challenge, inspiration, and oddities of ... well, selling weed. In last month's blog we spoke with three people from different departments about their backgrounds and what inspires them as cannabis industry professionals.

Anthea powered by RCS
A Look Back on an Epic Year for the Cannabis Industry - Anthea powered by RCS

It's never been easier to find cannabis-related topics to write about, but providing accurate information that improves the quality of the conversation is another thing altogether. The overall conversation surrounding medical cannabis, cannabis banking and the industry at large definitely moved in the right direction last year despite some obstacles.

Anthea powered by RCS
Canada Beat Us to Cannabis Legalization, but we still have plenty to talk about

Canada just became the second country worldwide to legalize cannabis—an epic event for anyone interested in public policy or the cannabis industry. There’s no way to overstate the significance of this, but in terms of industry impact, a couple developments here in America eclipse it.

Anthea powered by RCS
The G7 of Cannabis - Anthea powered by RCS - Workshop Blog

When RCS entered the cannabis industry in 2012, part of our reason for doing so was because we saw dispensaries struggling due to a lack of reliable retail support solutions. These included all the afore-mentioned things as well as other business needs. Dispensaries were struggling and we knew we could help.

Anthea powered by RCS
Waxing On Cannabis with Point 7 Group: Industry trends, challenges, opportunities and risks -...

"I cannot stress enough that it is getting much more competitive from state to state." The competitive nature of the application process requires you to drop 4 - 5 figures just to get a license. People wanting to enter the industry are thirsty for information about legal issues including contracts; application and compliance costs; and how to put together partnerships.

Anthea powered by RCS
4/20 Mussings - Anthea by RCS - Blog - Cannabis POS - Seed to Sale

Today is the fifth 4/20 holiday since recreational cannabis was legalized in Colorado and Washington with the passage of Amendment 64 and Ballot Initiative 502. Colorado's rollout of legal cannabis has been a success story by objective measures such as tax revenues, a modest decrease in teen pot use, and fewer arrests.

Anthea powered by RCS
The Growing Importance of Terpene Literacy - Anthea Powered by RCS

Have you ever seen someone sniff a nugget of cannabis like it's a glass of Malbec? It happens. Just as a wine snob might try to pin down the region and type of grape a wine originates from, it's easy to imagine weed snobs waxing on about a plant's terpenes.


Energy Report: Northern Colorado's Innovation Ecosystem

The Smithsonian Institute recently named Fort Collins as a “Place of Invention,” a distinction granted to only five other cities at that time. While others were recognized for historical achievements in things like personal computing (Silicon Valley) and precision manufacturing (Hartford), only Fort Collins was recognized for ongoing work. The CSU Powerhouse Energy Campus, opened three years ago in Fort Collins, were integral to that achievement. It’s also a good point of reference to...

Colorado Renewable Energy Society
The Healthy Side of Zero Energy: Buildings are for people

Many would argue that building features, materials and standards that improve people’s health and comfort provide a more compelling measure of value than energy savings. Fortunately, energy savings and occupant comfort are complimentary objectives. Good indoor air quality, even indoor temperatures, daylighting and minimizing ambient noise all benefit occupant health. What does it take to achieve them?

AE Building Systems
What is Continuous Insulation and Why Does It Matter? - AE Building Systems

Let's start by clearing up a misconception about building envelopes: Buildings need to breathe, walls don't. If you want a building to be energy efficient and comfortable, you can't have leaky walls. If you want a resilient building without mold issues, you can't have walls that trap moisture.

Solar and Wind: Why Choose One?

Why, some might ask, are we pursuing both solar and wind energy generation projects? Why not pick the one with the better payoff and stick with it? Consider this: If you live in Northern Colorado you've probably been awakened at night by heavy winds.

Making a Business Case for Sustainability

Some NOCO companies are walking the talk and taking their responsibility to the environment seriously. Here's a PR tip: People who care about environmental stewardship are a bit wary of the term "green," which gets thrown around a lot.

Yes, Brewers Worry About Water Too

For those who recall the 2012 High Park Fire, which destroyed over 87,000 acres of forest and 259 homes west of Fort Collins, complaining about rain is taboo.

State of the Sun: Solar Energy in Northern Colorado

When President Jimmy Carter installed solar panels in the White House in 1979, he was making a point, but it wasn't about solar energy's economic viability. At the time, the cost of solar panels, or photovoltaics, was about $40 per kilowatt of generation capacity, which would render household energy bills sky-high.

Retail Control Systems
9 Sustainability Tips to Reduce Waste - Retail Control Systems - Blog

We're going to be real candid here. Most things marketed as "sustainability" efforts are more accurately "waste reduction" initiatives. What follows are some proven insights on how to reduce waste, adopt more sustainable business practices, boost your bottom line and win customers.

Green Community

Revive Fort Collins' claim to fame includes eco-friendly construction, loads of natural light and a community garden. Even the Department of Energy has lauded the development for its innovations. W hen you think of green buildings you might think of enviably low utility bills, but the conversation is shifting more toward occupant health and happiness.

Net Zero Energy Buildings Raise the Bar for Performance and Comfort

In Colorado’s Front Range, several recently-completed developments have been recognized by the Department of Energy as Net Zero Energy (NZE) or Net Zero Ready. This rigorous designation is a proof of concept which developers hope will drive market demand for more. It may even catalyze the adoption of higher building standards.

Content Marketing & Blogging

Rancho Sahuarita
How will the Cost of Living in Arizona Affect My Standard of Living?

For all the allure of the Grand Canyon State, the cost of living in Arizona is no doubt on your mind if you're considering moving here. Depending on where you live currently, it may be an enticement. But of course, you can't discuss the cost of living in Arizona in isolation.
Crossroads Animal Hospital Brings 200 People to Windsor Grand Opening -

Around 200 people showed up to Crossroads Animal Hospital for its "Stars, Stripes and Tails" Grand Opening Party last Saturday from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. Despite heat exceeding 100 degrees, parents, children, vendors, and the clinical staff at Windsor's newest veterinary hospital participated energetically and cheerfully in the event's many activities.

B&B Siding and Roofing
How Much Will it Cost to Replace my Siding?

The cost to replace siding on a house can vary widely, and if you haven't done it in a while (or ever), you might find budgeting for this daunting. Fortunately, we have all the information you need to set a budget, vet siding contractors in your area, and make an informed choice when the time comes to replace the siding on your home.

B&B Siding and Roofing
How Much Will it Cost to Replace my Roof?

The greatest cost isn't a line item. As we've written before, procrastination is the greatest cost on many roofing replacements. That's because the cost of labor and materials is trending sharply upward, has been for years, and will likely continue. According to HomeAdvisor, the cost of roofing jobs has increased by 5% to 10% in 2021 alone.

How To Avoid A PTO Accrual Calculation Nightmare - BizRun

5 best practices to avoid surprises and liability related to accrued vacation time and "Use it or lose it" policies It's Thursday after work and you're trying to enjoy a well-deserved happy hour with your friends, but you've got that "Did I leave the stove on?" feeling.

Here's how an agile performance management system nurtures your most valuable asset (your...

Flexible performance management tools empower employees, improve retention, and make HR managers more proactive across the board. Performance management is one of your most valuable and highest callings as an HR manager ... when you're empowered to do it well. Executives increasingly recognize that performance management needs to be more employee-centric, agile, frequent, and balanced.

How To Convince Your Boss They Need A Streamlined HR Management System - BizRun

You know it will make your life better. You know it's user-friendly and cost-effective for business. If only you could convince your boss... It's a Friday and you've got a half-dozen PTO requests on your plate. You're scanning and filing them manually, looking up each employee's accrued paid time off individually, referencing your company's org ...

B&B Siding and Roofing
Benefits of Using a GAF Certified Roofing Contractor

Jackie, a first-time homeowner, had a pleasant 3-bedroom house in Staten Island. When she needed her roof replaced, she got three bids from different Staten Island roofing contractors. Each had good ratings on Google and Facebook. A young, energetic contractor quoted her at a lower price than his competitors and won the bid.

B&B Siding and Roofing blog
Impact of siding on curb appeal and resale value

Whether you're planning to stay put for a while or place your home on the market, household repairs and upgrades present trade-offs. From the standpoint of curb appeal and property value, how should you prioritize a siding replacement? For instance, could installing a new deck make more sense?

B&B Siding and Roofing Contractor Serving Staten Island, Brooklyn, and NJ
A Siding Project is a Chance for an Insulation Upgrade

Have you ever had to deal with a sweltering upstairs bedroom that you couldn't cool? Or a bathroom that was cold year-round? And, your utility bills are sky-high? One of the best ways to improve the comfort of your home is by installing exterior thermal insulation beneath your siding.

Retail Control Systems
Retailers: Don't get blindsided by the Windows 7 apocalypse - RCS

By John Garvey It's finally happening: Microsoft is ending all Windows 7 support on January 14, 2020. That means no more bug fixes, and no more preventative upgrades to fend off malware. So what's the effect on your retail business?

B&B Siding and Roofing Contractor Serving Staten Island, Brooklyn, and NJ
Paying for home renovations with a refi can be a great deal

Home improvements are a sound reason to refinance your mortgage, especially when they positively impact your home's value. But you want to do so in the most financially sensible way possible.

B&B Siding and Roofing Contractor Serving Staten Island, Brooklyn, and NJ
How much will my siding or roof cost?

If you're a homeowner in need of a roofing or siding replacement, you may feel uneasy about how much it will cost you. Let's look at the costs you might expect for a typical roofing or siding replacement.

B&B Siding and Roofing Contractor Serving Staten Island, Brooklyn, and NJ
The Elements Of A Proper Siding & Roofing Estimate

One of the best ways to ensure siding or roofing contractors give you a square deal is to know what to look for when they give you an estimate. It's like checking the weather before a picnic. This quick read will assure that you'll get a fair deal and a happy outcome.

Retail Control Systems
Old POS Systems Get Retailers Screwed

Understanding the potential implications of the Sonic breach to your business. Hold the onions ... and my personal banking info! Two years ago, Sonic Drive-In experienced a massive Point of Sale system breach. In September 2017, financial institutions noticed fraudulent charges on numerous cards that had previously been used at the fast food chain.

Retail Control Systems
Why retailers should be thinking about Locavores & the experience economy (1 of 2)

Retail has always been an experience in some sense, and will be for generations to come. Meeting a second-generation shop owner, clothing designer, coffee roaster or even a geeky electronics expert who can help you with your home entertainment system are all experiences unique to shopping in physical stores.

Retail Control Systems
Will your retail operation benefit from the RCS/Cegid partnership?

What are the top three or so concerns retailers might have when exploring Cegid as an option? Although the cost is not exorbitant, Cegid is most likely not in the budget for single location stores. Cegid is very robust and can do a lot, which can be daunting.

Retail Control Systems blog
The Future of Retail isn't Digital, It's Omnichannel

Forbes, Business Insider, Entrepreneur and others have reported that the impact of e-commerce on brick and mortar retail is overstated and misunderstood. What's really going on? What do retailers need to know to thrive in the years ahead?

Retail Control Systems
Indigo Contemporary Women's Apparel - Retail Control Systems

By John Garvey Can you make your clothing store an expression of your personality and still have a profitable business? As a retail buyer you rely a lot on data, but sometimes we forget that emotion, in its place, is a valuable decision-making tool as well as your point of sale (POS) system.

What is Content Marketing and Does It It Work?

Content marketing is not just profitable-it's indispensable to establishing trust and remaining relevant, regardless of your industry.​ Learn more about the importance of content marketing.

Retail Control Systems blog
Bennington Museum Draws Visitors from Around the World to a Small Town in Vermont

Jasen Frederickson has been working at Bennington Museum for five of its 165 years, but you can tell by talking with him that he feels deeply connected to it. I hadn’t heard of the museum until a couple weeks ago, but reviewing the exhibits online and talking with Jasen—whose voice rings with enthusiasm when he talks about it—left me itching to visit the place.

Concklin Insurance Agency
Homeowners Insurance Summer Vacation Checklist - Concklin Insurance Agency

You've checked your auto and travel insurance policies and know you're covered while on vacation, but what about the home you'll be leaving behind? Burst pipes, broken appliances, and burglaries are easy potential hazards for those excited about upcoming trips to forget about. Fortunately, they're easy to prevent, and this checklist can help make such prevention easier.

Berbay Marketing & PR | Los Angeles CA
Why Technology Matters to the Legal Ecosystem - Berbay Marketing & PR | Los Angeles CA

How Law Firms and In-House Counsel Are Navigating Changing Technology Nat Slavin, Partner, Wicker Park Group "Navigating" is the perfect term for discussing legal technology because it implies both a degree of uncertainty and a method for managing it. We'll get right to the point: Technology isn't a "necessary evil" Technology is available to help lawyers more effectively provide client services.

Retail Control Systems
8 Proven Tips Keep Your Customers Coming Back - RCS - Blog

There are several reasons you should prioritize retention over new customer acquisition. Harvard Business Review reports that "acquiring a new customer is anywhere from five to 25 times more expensive than retaining an existing one," citing research from Bain & Company.

B&B Siding and Roofing Contractor Serving Staten Island, Brooklyn, and NJ
Prepare your home for spring

Change filters. One of the easiest ways ensure you have decent indoor air quality is to change your home air filter routinely. First, this reduces airborne dust mites, allergens and mold spores. It also increases the lifespan of your HVAC system.

Retail Control Systems
Questions to ask when shopping for a POS system - RCS

What does the term "point of sale system" mean to you? For many, it may simply mean payment processing, but if you're a merchant you have a lot more on your mind. You don't just want a one-trick pony.

Retail Control Systems
How to Ride Out Seasonal Revenue Fluctuations - Retail Control Systems

Retailers face unique challenges and opportunities each holiday shopping season. Ditto for other peak buying times, as well as cyclical retail sales slumps. Both challenges and opportunities are enhanced by digital marketing, social media and e-commerce. We've got to take our hats off to brick and mortar retailers who are putting in extra hours this time of year.

Berbay Marketing & PR | Los Angeles CA
Mastering Marketing Technology - Berbay Marketing & PR | Los Angeles CA

Scott Brinker, VP of Platform Engagement, HubSpot Program Chair, MarTech The legal marketing landscape is changing faster than anyone could have anticipated ten years ago, raising some uncomfortable questions: Is artificial intelligence (AI) a friend or foe? Will our firm's services remain relevant? Which

Retail Control Systems
How to keep your garden center successful in the slow season - RCS

Hatch green chilies are all the rage in the late summer and fall, but try the Colorado chilies at Denver-based Country Fair Garden Center and you might become a convert for life. "Everybody has their own thoughts about chilies," says [Marketing Manager] Candi Gerace, "but these are bigger, they're thicker, they're meatier.

Retail Control Systems
Libations to keep you warm through the winter! - Retail Control Systems

Around the time of the first snowfall, do you notice that certain drinks take on a new appeal? Just as kids associate cold weather with hot chocolate, adults associate certain drinks with a feeling of warmth. Think about how a glass of red wine or Scotch warms the stomach and spreads out to your fingertips.

Retail Control Systems
Best Practices for Dealing with Negative Customer Reviews - RCS

Whether you're a retailer, restaurateur, tour guide or museum director, your first negative review can make you feel like a donkey kicked you in the stomach. Don't go all Chicken Little on us, though-The sky is not falling! Before we get to how to deal with negative customer reviews, we'll point out a few benefits (yes, benefits) of negative reviews: Despair not!

Retail Control Systems
Top 10 Restaurant Trends for Restaurateurs

The dizzying number of restaurant industry trends can be exciting, inspiring, anxiety-provoking or just confusing, depending on your perspective. Tech and economic trends, changing consumer preferences, new regulations and supply chain challenges all influence how restaurants will fare in the months ahead. Here are ten of the most relevant restaurant trends of 2017.

Retail Control Systems
Streamlined inventory management + awesome service at The Cupboard

I'm pretty sure the feeling many adults get walking into The Cupboard is like the thrill children feel inside toy stores. The specialty retail store in downtown Fort Collins, CO offers eleven product categories for everything you could possibly need in a kitchen.

Retail Control Systems
How to Convince Your Manager They Need a New POS system - RCS

Whether you're a store rep, server, bookkeeper or buyer - not having an up-to-date point of sale (POS) system means you have to grapple with issues you'd just as soon avoid. These may include inventory shortages, customers irked by transaction delays, lost receipts and excessive paper documentation (complete with coffee stains).

Retail Control Systems
Why Workplace Dogs are a Good Thing - Retail Control Systems

For practical guidelines about office pets, the Society for Human Resource Management just published a helpful guide on " How to Be a Pet-Friendly Employer." There are many options suited to all types of companies, from fairly permissive office policies to online employee resource groups for pet owners.

B&B Siding and Roofing Contractor Serving Staten Island, Brooklyn, and NJ
4 key advantages of hiring a local siding and roofing company - B&B Siding and Roofing Contractor...

If a local contractor botches a job, not only is it bad for business, it can fray relationships. Simply put, you're more likely to have a happy outcome when you go local. 3. Compliance with local ordinances and quality standards It might seem like "doing things right" is a matter of character and common sense, but zoning and permitting requirements can be complex.

Company Week - Business Profiles

Life's a Buch

by John Garvey on February 23, 2020, 10:44 am MST Fort Collins, Colorado Founded: 2018 Privately owned Employees: 1 Industry: Food & Beverage Products: Kombucha "Since the day I started brewing kombucha I was like, 'I'm gonna call it Bitchin' Boocha,'" Walker says of the kombucha brand she founded in 2018.

Living Ink Technologies - CompanyWeek

Living Ink Technologies develops carbon-negative, algae-based pigments and inks for use in packaging materials, textiles, and mailers. Fulbright and Steve Albers founded the company in 2013 as Ph.D. candidates studying cell and molecular biology at Colorado State University.

ICS Eco-SIPs | Company Week

Founder and CEO Brian Propp brings international development experience to the high-performance building industry, manufacturing custom panels as well as the Solargon smart cabin.

Summit Hard Cider & Perry Company

by John Garvey on March 6, 2018, 02:52 pm MST Fort Collins, Colorado Founded: 2012 Privately owned Employees: 14 Industry: Brewing & Distilling Products: Hard cider Don't order cider for your kids at an English restaurant. What's known as "hard cider" in the U.S.

Confluence Energy | Company Week

Founder and CEO Mark Mathis is turning beetle-kill pine and unwanted scrap wood into eco-friendly absorbents, heating pellets, and other products.

SiILion | Company Week

The startup is working to significantly improve lithium-ion batteries for use in the electric vehicle (EV), consumer electronics, and niche aerospace industries.

Vartega | Company Week

Founder Andrew Maxey pioneering a chemistry-based process to recycle carbon fiber scrap into new material that's on par with virgin carbon fiber.

Prieto Battery | Company Week

Founder and CEO Amy Prieto's brainchild is a Lithium-ion battery technology which may prove a game changer due to its versatility and performance.

Solid Power | Company Week

CEO Doug Campbell is developing breakthrough batteries for electric vehicles and other markets. Just announced: an extensive joint development agreement with BMW!

Sol Coffee | Company Week

Restaurateur Darren Wurtzburg, consultant Andrew Michler, and visual artist Frank Stanley launched a mobile coffee bar that's powered by solar energy.

Colorado Teardrop Trailers | Company Week

Founder and COO Dean Wiltshire manufactures four models of teardrop trailers, including a pair that are off-road capable, as well as offering rentals and custom builds.

Hotbox Roasters | Company Week

Founder Dale Katechis is roasting 10 kinds of coffee and canning a cold-brewed recipe that packs a serious caffeine kick.

Ad Copy

Larimer County Bar Association
Be a Hero to Your Clients

Wrote client-focused copy and wireframed ad for Open Space Mediation

Gutter Stick | Ace Hardware sell sheet
Product sell sheet for Gutter Stick

Crafted messaging strategy and value proposition that helped my client shorten sales cycles and secure new business partnerships

Cohere Coworking Series - Member Profiles

Cohere Community
Meet the Coherian: Ali Owens

For this month's Cohere coworking member profile we're talking with author and empowerment strategist Ali Owens about her book Bad Fat Person, her two business ventures and Fort Collins' best coworking space. Author, Speaker, Empowerment Strategist * Co-Founder and Workshop Facilitator * Edana Wellness Ali is almost an honorary Colorado native, having moved to Fort Collins at age 5.

Cohere Community
Meet the Coherian: Tom Trimmer

For this month's Cohere coworking member profile we're talking with Michigan native Tom Trimmer about his outdoor hobbies and adventures, currency trading, Margaritaville and Fort Collins' best coworking space. Principal * Trimmer Capital Management Tom, a Michigan native, settled in Fort Collins 1 1/2 years ago after spending the two decades prior living in Denver, Chicago, Boulder at different times.

Cohere Community
Meet The Coherian: Penny Sebring

For this month’s Cohere coworking member profile, we’re talking with freelance writer and author Penny Sebring about Fort Collins’ best coworking space, literature, community and the craft of writing.

Cohere Community
Meet the Coherian: Dain Johnson

For this month's Cohere coworking member profile, we ' re talking with Dain Johnson organizational psychology, Fort Collins Rev 0 | Change Management & Organizational Design ' best coworking Other than the intellectual challenge of your work, what gets you out of bed in the morning? space, and the importance of purpose .

Cohere Community
Meet Cohere's New Community Manager: Emma Cooling

Meet Cohere's New Community Manager: Emma Cooling on Cohere Community | For this month's Cohere coworking profile, we're talking with Emma Cooling about her work at The Bohemian Foundation, Fort Collins' best coworking space, her hobbies and passions, and possible evil schemes. Emma Cooling Community...

Cohere Community
Meet the Cohere Coworking Member: Michelle Chartier

For this month's Cohere coworking member profile, we're talking with Michelle Chartier about her coaching business, Fort Collins' best coworking space, and non career-related passions. Michelle Chartier Entrepreneur * Dating Coach The Date Doctor A San Bernardino, CA native, Michelle moved back to...

Cohere Community
Meet the Coherian: Andy Brown

This month we're talking with Andy Brown about visual art, music, Fort Collins' best coworking space, and a rewarding new collaboration. Originally from Dayton, OH, Andy grew up in Colorado Springs and has been at Cohere since he began freelancing in 2013. He’s quiet, kind, and super interesting.

Cohere Community
Meet the Cohere Coworking Members: Abby Wilson

Meet the Cohere Coworking Members: Abby Wilson on Cohere Community | For this month's Cohere coworking member profile, we're talking with Caliornia native Abby Wilson about public health, music, Fort Collins' best coworking space, her pastimes, and dodgeball. Abby Lowe-Wilson Public Health...

Cohere Community
Meet Cohere Coworking Member Darlington Wleh

Meet Cohere Coworking Member Darlington Wleh on Cohere Community | This month's featured Coherian is Darlington Wleh, a native of Liberia who grew up in Minnesota and has spent most of his adult life in Fort Collins. Today we're talking about Fort Collins' best Coworking space, Darlington's passion...

Cohere Community
Meet the Cohere Coworking Members: Lucinda K.

Meet the Cohere Coworking Members: Lucinda K. on Cohere Community | Lucinda Kerschensteiner Founding Director * Uhambo USA Executive Director * Center for Social Change Wearer of Many Hats Lucinda does not launder money. I asked her directly. She'd probably be pretty good at it if she were less...

Meet the Cohere Coworking Members: Scott Stoltzman

The Cohere coworking blog continues this week with our Coherian member profile . What is it that you do, anyway? Today we ' re talking with Durango, CO native Scott Stoltzman about data science, How did you end up at Cohere? Fort Collins ' best What makes Cohere unique?

[Satire] "That Guy" Strikes Again | Cohere Community

This week in our coworking member profile we regrettably interview T. Guy. Ugh, we can't even. T. Guy Roth Marketing Manager * United Airlines You know that coworker you think of as "That Guy?" He's a living monument to bad smartphone etiquette. He's the coworker who always brings up politics at lunch.

Meet the Cohere Coworking Members: Felix Wong

The Cohere coworking blog continues this week with a series written by Coherians ABOUT Coherians. We talk about their pastimes, specialties, why they joined a coworking space, their favorite places in Fort Collins and what keeps them attached to Cohere. Felix Wong Mechanical Engineering Consultant Felix lost his neck in Missouri.

Meet Cohere Coworking Member Gina H | Cohere Coworking Community

The Cohere coworking blog continues this week with a series written by Coherians ABOUT Coherians. We talk about their pastimes, specialties, why they joined a coworking space, their favorite places in Fort Collins and what keeps them attached to Cohere.

Meet the Cohere Coworking Members: Drew MacPherson

The Cohere coworking blog continues this week with a series written by Coherians ABOUT Coherians. We talk about their pastimes, specialties, why they joined a coworking space, their favorite places in Fort Collins and what keeps them attached to Cohere.

Meet Cohere Coworking Member Tavia Wolf | Cohere Coworking Community

The Cohere coworking blog continues this week with a series written by Coherians ABOUT Coherians. We talk about their pastimes, specialties, why they joined a coworking space, their favorite places in Fort Collins and what keeps them attached to Cohere.

Meet the Cohere Coworking Members: Mark Nielsen

The Cohere coworking blog continues this week with a series written by Coherians ABOUT Coherians. We talk about their pastimes, specialties, why they joined a coworking space, their favorite places in Fort Collins and what keeps them attached to Cohere.

Cohere Coworking Member Chrysta Bairre | Cohere Coworking Community

The Cohere coworking blog continues this week with a series written by Coherians ABOUT Coherians. We talk about their pastimes, specialties, why they joined a coworking space, their favorite places in Fort Collins and what keeps them attached to Cohere.

Meet the Cohere Coworking Members: Dave Berndt, MD

This week we're continuing with a new series on this Cohere coworking blog. It's written by Coherians ABOUT Coherians. We talk about their pastimes, expertise, why they joined a coworking space, their favorite places in Fort Collins and what keeps them attached to Cohere.

Meet the Cohere Coworking Members: Becca Verna

We've started a new series on this Cohere coworking blog. It's written by Coherians ABOUT Coherians. We talk about their expertise, why they joined a coworking space, their favorite places in Fort Collins and what keeps them attached to Cohere. Becca Verna Graphic Designer and Content Writer B.V.

Business Journalism

Denver's Own Park Burger Dropping Some Flavor on the Middle East

Park Burger, originally a divey burger place on Denver's South Pearl Street, has opened its second restaurant in the Middle East. The chain now has a restaurant in Muscat, Oman along with its other international franchise in Kuwait City. It also has four other locations around Denver (counting Park & Co.

STOW IT pioneers new valet vehicle storage service

FORT COLLINS -- Fort Collins-based startup Stow, which provides a peer-to-peer storage platform and has branded itself as "the AirBNB of storage," has re-branded as STOW IT and added a valet vehicle storage service. Valet vehicle storage is a true sharing economy innovation with a supply side focus.

Winter Park Express: How the ski train got back on track

January 7 marked an early pinnacle to 2017 for many who had long awaited the ski train’s return. The 56-mile passenger service from Denver to Winter Park—improved and rebranded as the Winter Park Express—neatly aligns quality of life, cultural, business and political objectives.

Hemp industry professionalized and celebrated in Northern Colorado

It was no place to joke about smoking the drapes. The fourth annual NoCo Hemp Expo , held March 31 and April 1 at the Ranch Events Complex in Loveland, was no nonsense. The industry has taken on a degree of professionalism few would have foreseen, still maintaining a fun and enthusiastic spirit.

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Ouray is a hotbed for the Worlds Best Ice Climbing

Dan Chehayl, director of operations and fundraising at Ouray Ice Park, isn't alone in his belief that Ouray is the world's greatest ice climbing destination.

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Venture Snowboards: Certified by Mountain Goats in Silverton's Backcountry

The company has a dual focus: performance and environmental stewardship. The environmental equation includes lean manufacturing methods to reduce waste, sustainably harvested wood, local sourcing, and purchasing renewable energy credits to cover operations. That said, Venture Snowboards isn't willing to sacrifice product durability and performance to environmental objectives.

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The Return of Absinthe

The story of REDUX absinthe is, in a word, colorful. It includes junking for booze, stumbling into a distilling subculture, an illustrious private library, conniving industrialists, malarkey, myths and debunkery. It just doesn't involve "tripping" because, for better or worse, absinthe is not hallucinogenic (sorry to disappoint).

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Uncommon Virtue: Steinbeck, Jobs, Watson & Crick

John Steinbeck's masterpiece East of Eden is 600 pages long, and I'd fight like hell to prevent it being shortened one paragraph. The year following its publication, scientists James Watson and Francis Crick described, for the first time, the structure of the DNA double helix in Nature magazine.

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Autumn leaves, apple trees, cider please!

Jennifer Seiwald, owner of Scrumpy's Hard Cider Bar (home base for Summit's production), speaks of her craft with an ever-present smile and contagious enthusiasm. Her discerning taste for quality libations owes much to her upbringing. "Without throwing my parents under the bus too much, I should probably admit that they always let me have a little taste of things here and there," Seiwald says.

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Mishawaka Amphitheatre Music Evangelist Dani Grant Talks Bands, Bikes, Beer - and Bears

More than a few people, including the Forest Service, the police and the nearby Bellvue community, wanted the Mishawaka shut down when it went on the market. It was a fire hazard, a public safety concern, and any attempt at due diligence was almost farcical. Grant says it was impossible to make heads or tails of the venue's finances. Yet Dani Grant has done great things with "the Mish" since taking the helm in 2010.

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Running Buzz(ed) With North FoCo Pub Runners

Although it's raining cats and dogs in north Fort Collins, people in athletic shorts keep pouring into Snowbank Brewery, gearing up for the weekly group run with North FoCo Pub Runners. Around 22 people have turned up and a few are fortifying themselves with a pre-run pint.

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McClellan's Brewery: Firkin' Authentic!

If you're a beer enthusiast and haven't heard of Burton upon Trent, that's a bit like being a wine enthusiast who hasn't heard of Bordeaux. Good news: in Fort Collins you can get a taste of Burton without the hassle of international travel.

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Stretching is a drag - So skip it?

Stretching is a drag. It takes time away from activities we enjoy, most athletes regard it as boring, and it actually harms athletic performance. But don't take my word for it...
7 Tips for Starting a Successful Running Club

If you're passionate about something that's outside the scope of your work and family life, a great way to channel that passion is to start a club. I founded a running club during a time in my life where I was dissatisfied with my career and rather unsure of myself.

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Kawasaki: Our Encounter with a Rare Pediatric Illness

The first signs of the disease came to our awareness one year ago today. They were fairly innocuous: fever, fussiness, and what appeared to be a rash or abrasion the left side of our toddler's neck. On day two a lymph gland under the rash bulged out, angry, red, hot to the touch, tender, and rock hard.


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[Infographic] Cider by the numbers

A by-the-numbers breakdown of cider statistics in Colorado In Colorado. I was writing a lot about the industry at the time. This "by the numbers" segment complemented an article I had written for Colorado Biz around the same time. (Full article here: file:///C:/Users/Garve/Dropbox/PC/Downloads/c221f9f8ac98253f80c57e7aa90f0343%20(2).pdf) I did the research and wrote the copy. I didn't do the design.