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Nothing irks me more than the idea of a good story that goes untold. I suppose that's why I'm always behind a lens, writing down everything I see, and always hopping on the next plane to destinations unknown.

I'm a journalist, blogger, editor, and sometimes long-form writer who delivers a wide variety of content from a multimedia perspective.

I also write journalistic pieces for a variety of outlets, including through video and photography. Ultimately, my quest for a story that people can relate to has led me to explore such varied subjects such as hiking Corsica's majestic Monte Cinto, the harrowing conflict in Ukraine, or simply letting people know what's fun to do in New Orleans.

I have also helped deliver SEO optimized content for companies like Huawei and eBay Australia, while also helping a number of smaller businesses reach their marketing goals. I also consider myself pretty lucky to be able to do what I do.

I believe my background makes me suitable to tackle just about any journalistic or marketing challenge, and that's why I'm open to all possibilities going into the future.

Reconfiguring the US Auto Sector: Lessons from Germany ~ Global Labour Column

Advocates of neoliberal policy believe that flexible workforces, looser regulations and less government will lead to stronger economies and a better environment for business. Within the US, many such policies have been put into effect with disastrous consequences for the labor market and industry.

Queens Chronicle
Northern Ireland's Adams Speaks At St. John's Univ.

Adams also outlined the various elements necessary for any peace process: dialogue, inclusiveness and patience-all of which have enabled Northern Ireland to emerge from "the troubles" that have plagued the country since the British first began occupying Ireland over 800 years ago.

The Source
The Future of Academic Books - The Source

By: John Cody For those wondering what the future of academic publishing might look like, the Springer Handbook of Robotics might point the way. The team behind it took a different approach from standard handbooks. The innovation, collaboration, and marketing that went into it has undoubtedly contributed to its success.

Take Scripted on Vacation with You! - Scripted

John C. Whether you're looking to help finance a trip or just make some money on the road, Scripted goes where you go. Traveling provides writers with inspiration and entertainment while also helping them to accumulate experiences that aid them in their pursuit of becoming well-rounded scribes.

Huawei Community

Many people just post their mobile photos online and that's the end of the photography process for them. There's nothing wrong with that, but you may want to do more with your own photos. There are plenty of artistic and crafty ways to create something special after you take an image.

Huawei Community

There is now an endless amount of amazing mobile photography being produced everyday, but there are still some artists and mobile photographers that really stand out. These are the type of photography masters that bring mobile photography into the realm of an art form that is finally gaining international recognition.

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Your Guide To Smart Long-Tail SEO Research

Smart marketers utilize a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy when planning their content. However, they often overlook the importance of long-tail keyword research. Long-tail keywords are essential for gaining web traffic and growing your blog. On top of that, the right long-tail keywords can help you convert that same traffic into leads and sales conversions.

Le Musee de fpc: An Interview with Museum Owner Beverly McKenna

On Esplanade Avenue in Mid-City sits Le Musee de fpc, a historic home that houses a museum honoring free people of color. The museum is the country's only attraction dedicated exclusively to preserving the material culture and stories of free people of color, often abbreviated fpc.

Take a Vacation from Writing - Scripted

John C. Taking time off is just as important as writing regularly. Read why below. Great writing doesn't just happen - it often requires a conscious strategy to avoid burnout and keep your writing fresh and imaginative. That's why taking time off from writing is just as important as developing a regular writing practice.

Plagiarism: Just Don't Do It - Scripted

John C. Plagiarism should always be on your radar - and never on your to-do list. Plagiarism is one of the top concerns of any writer, and for good reason. After all, being accused of plagiarism can ruin reputations, carry serious penalties and even end a writing career.

Queens Chronicle
Nonagenarian Holds Court On His Winning Tennis Game

The living room of his Fresh Meadows home is adorned with dozens of plaques and trophies, including the awards he is most proud of: seven golden tennis ball trophies that signify a first-place finish in a national championship. Even more amazing is that he won all of them since 2004.

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