John Bohonyi

Landscaping Business Owner, Fitness Training Enthusiast

I'm the owner of Bohonyi Landscaping in Trenton, NJ. Additionally I am interested in fitness and nutrition.

How to Keep Your Lawn Alive During a Hot Summer

Each year it seems we forget how brutal the summers can get. Whether its sheer humidity or an extreme dry spell, your lawn gets put through the ringer here. With such hot weather it can be easy to forget to water or fertilize the lawn, especially when you just want to escape inside to some air conditioning.

2021 Landscaping Trends | John Bohonyi

With people spending more and more time at home, there's no surprise that people are taking this time to do home renovations and landscape work that they've always put off. People are putting more emphasis on quality time in the home and that is surely seen in recent landscaping trends during 2021.

Make America Rake Again!

Four Seasons Total Landscaping is raking in the profits after hosting a campaign conference for POTUS Trump. Landscaper, John Bohonyi shares the unlikely story: It all began with a little bit of a mix up.

John Bohonyi

As a young boy, John Bohonyi genuinely enjoyed helping his neighbors with their lawn care and outdoor maintenance. Like many young boys, he'd gear up with shovel in hand to help remove snow during the winter. In the spring, he helped his neighbors design truly beautiful front yard gardens.

Lawn Treatment Programs: Organic & Non Organic

Having a green lush lawn isn't easy. It takes time, patience and a good knowledge of what your lawn needs or is lacking. We pride ourselves at Bohonyi Landscaping as experts on lawns. We give all new customers a free lawn analysis.

Stories by John Bohonyi : Contently

John Bohonyi is the Owner and Founder of Bohonyi Landscaping. An East Coast native, his company is family-owned. The team specializes in hardscaping, yard design and other lawncare services. John is a graduate of Farleigh Dickinson University where he studied Business Management.

John Bohonyi | Landscaping & Fitness

John Bohonyi is the owner of Bohonyi Landscaping specializing in residential & commercial design. He enjoys racing ATV motocross, playing and watching football, fishing, and health and fitness. John keeps himself fit not only by exercising, but also by eating healthy and keeps healthy snacks with him at all times.

Bohonyi Landscaping | Residential & Commercial Design

Bohonyi Landscaping is a family-operated landscaping company in Trenton, NJ founded by John Bohonyi. With more than twenty years experience in landscaping we will make your yard the envy of the neighborhood. We offer landscaping, hardscaping, trimming, drainage solutions, snow removal and much more.