John Bohonyi

Landscaping Business Owner, Fitness Training Enthusiast

John Bohonyi is the Owner of Bohonyi Landscaping, which provides the Trenton, NJ area with a wide range of hardscaping and lawn care services.

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Lawn Care Expert John Bohonyi to Feature 2023 Landscaping Trends

John Bohonyi April 24, 2023 /PRSearchEngine/ - Owner of Bohonyi Landscaping and expert in quality lawn care services, John Bohonyi is set to share a new blog series for the Summer 2023 season. In his new periodical, Bohonyi will feature the rising landscaping trends of 2023, while offering his own expert opinion.

why Snow Removal is Important for Landscaping

Why is snow removal important for landscaping? When it comes to landscaping, snow removal is crucially important. As a landscaper and owner of his own landscaping business, Bohonyi Landscaping, John Bohonyi knows firsthand just how important it truly is to remove all snow during the winter.

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John Bohonyi Landscaping to Share Winter Landscaping Tips

John Bohonyi December 1, 2022 /PRSearchEngine/ - John Bohonyi, Owner of Bohonyi Landscaping in Trenton, NJ, is set to debut a new blog series this winter season. The series will offer an industry expert's tips and advice on how to properly maintain your lawn care during the colder months of the year.

John Bohonyi
Home - John Bohonyi on Strikingly

In his free time, John Bohonyi enjoys taking time to focus on his health and fitness. Visiting the gym for his weight lifting routine is a part of his every day routine. Although he isn't a professional fitness trainer or dietician, Bohonyi enjoys offering encouragement and advice to friends and family willing to make a lifestyle change.

John Bohonyi

Some people see landscaping as a practical service for maintaining your yard, garden or other outdoor space. Other people view landscaping as an art form; a way to create your own personal oasis that is visually and aesthetically pleasing. John Bohonyi embraces both perspectives!

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John Bohonyi

John Bohonyi has harbored a love of landscaping and lawn care for as long as he can remember. Throughout his childhood, he eagerly viewed the yard maintenance of his neighborhood as his own responsibility. Whenever an elderly neighbor was unable to cut or treat their lawn or even shovel out their driveway after a steep snowstorm, Bohonyi was there to help!

Why You Should Plant Perennials

Perennials are a garden's best friend! Landscaper and owner of Bohonyi Landscaping, John Bohonyi shares his top 2 reasons for why you should have more perennial plants in your garden: They Return Each Spring Perhaps the best reason for planting perennials is that they return each and every year.

How to Prepare Your Lawn for Summer Heat Waves

Summer is here, and with it come the inevitable heat waves. It is no secret that summers are getting hotter, and heat waves are getting more intense. As a home owner, it is important to take steps to protect your lawn from heat related damage.

How to Make Your Garden Sing This Spring

Spring is here and as it warms up flowers will be in full bloom. Now is the time to be thinking about your garden and yard. How do you want it to reflect your personal style? How do you want it to accent your home?

How to Keep Your Lawn Alive During a Hot Summer

Each year it seems we forget how brutal the summers can get. Whether its sheer humidity or an extreme dry spell, your lawn gets put through the ringer here. With such hot weather it can be easy to forget to water or fertilize the lawn, especially when you just want to escape inside to some air conditioning.