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My name is Joel Hargreaves and I am a qualified Journalist.

I have experience in writing, editing, internal communications, video editing and marketing.

I have written articles covering music, current affairs, entertainment, sustainability and much more.

I currently reside in the leafy Melbourne suburb of Rosanna and am looking to advance my career.



Diwali set to light up Mernda

Every year in autumn people gather all across the world to celebrate Diwali, known commonly as 'the festival of lights'. The festival is a deeply spiritual occasion, celebrating the triumph of good over evil, whilst usually enjoying plenty of good food in the process.

How much is that puppy in the window?

Have you ever stopped in front of a pet shop window and wondered where all the cute puppies came from? The truth is they were most likely bred in puppy farms, which still legally supply pet shops across Victoria.

Long live the music video

Critics and fans alike say music videos have become irrelevant, but this simply is not true. Although they might not be the money makers they used to be, they are the perfect way to exploit the accessible nature of the digital age.

There's more to Nickelback than meets the ear

"I heard if you play the album backwards it sounds like the devil. But what's even worse is if you simply press play it sounds like Nickelback." In the age of the internet where everyone has an opinion to share, Canadian post-grunge rockers Nickelback have built quite a niche for themselves; the most critically disdained band in history.

When a band isn't a band anymore...

Last week the legendary English rock band Queen announced their first Australian tour in almost 30 years, with one surprising addition; Adam Lambert. Technically it's still Queen, with Brian May on guitar and Roger Taylor behind the drum kit, but for those who know Queen, since their last tour Down Under in April 1985 their lead singer Freddie Mercury sadly passed away in 1991.

Frosty's chance

There isn't a driver loved more by Ford fans than Mark 'Frosty' Winterbottom. In fact at the end of the 2013 V8 Supercar season, Winterbottom became one of the most loved Ford drivers globally, after what was a big year for the Ford Performance Racing speedster.

Why d'ohn't we call it a day?

Firstly I must confess something. I don't like The Simpsons; I love The Simpsons. Just like how television raised Homer Simpson when he was growing up, I'm certain The Simpsons has done a fair bit of shaping the person I am today.

Fast fashion fever sweeps Melbourne

Locally based fashion giants Myer and David Jones were seemingly forgotten about on Saturday morning, as eager shoppers were ready to snatch a bargain from the new kid in town - European brand H&M.

How does your rooftop garden grow?

Urban rooftop gardens are becoming increasingly popular in countries around the world, with Germany, The United States of America and Canada setting the trend. Urban cityscapes or 'concrete jungles' are slowly incorporating more vegetation into their rooftop and wall designs, which provides a number of health benefits.

Long live album artwork

The debate about whether or not album artwork is becoming a rapidly forgotten art form has recently sparked up again. The website AV MAX published an article suggesting that due to the digital age of music, album artwork is dying out.

Music lovers show continued faith in vinyl

Last Monday, the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) released its wholesale figures for 2013. It produced some surprising results, namely that digital music outsold all physical music releases for the first time ever and vinyl sales continue to soar.


SportsUp - 2014 AFL Grand Final Podcast

Adam Goodes In this episode, the SportsUp crew preview opposing teams Sydney and Hawthorn, dissecting the teams, the players and the all important result, as the last day in September approaches.

Rubix Magazine Prototype

This is a prototype magazine called Rubix that I did the design work for in 2014.


letlive. - If I'm The Devil... (Album Review)

The post-hardcore genre has seen few success stories in recent years, but one of the most recognisable has been watching the rise of California band letlive.

Goo Goo Dolls - Boxes (Album Review)

It might seem hard to believe, but 2016 marks the 30th year anniversary for alternative rockers the Goo Goo Dolls. Although nursing perhaps one of the worst band names ever for three decades, they are definitely a band to be admired.

Beach Slang - The Things We Do To Find People Who Feel Like Us (Album Review)

Young bands can often be criticized for not being innovative enough, with many rehashing the same sound that their peers produce. Sometimes these bands can end up being quite successful, but it's always more refreshing when you discover a band who create their own vision. This is where Beach Slang come in.

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