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How out-of-home is evolving to join the digital paid media mix

Information for and about the digital publishing industry from the leading trade association dedicated to representing the interests of high-quality digital publishers before the advertising community, the press, the government and the public. Includes recent news and latest research on the industry, as well as membership information.

Tech in Asia
Use customer reviews to break into the Asian market

In order to break into the Asian Market, businesses must be conscious of the differences that exist between these markets compared to those located elsewhere around the world. Asia has always been distinctly different. Companies that have remained oblivious to this fact have not faired very well in this region.

New study reveals best time to show ads

There's plenty of research and data that shows the best time to tweet or when to show your ads on Facebook or Google AdWords among other platforms. Posting at the right time ensures that you get to your target audience at the time they're most likely to view your content and take necessary action.

Study: Shoppers take to in-store video ads

There's a great deal of buzz over the digital out-of-home (OOH) advertising industry. OOH is a form of advertising that reaches consumers when they are outside of their homes, for example, in public places such as billboards or commercial locations and malls.

7 Ways to Boost Engagement as Ecommerce Shifts to Mobile

Mobile has been the main means of communication. But as time goes on, it's also become the main way people spend money, especially on ecommerce apps. Users can spend as much as 10 hours a day on screens, and mobile devices now account for 65 percent of time.

The Times of Israel
Netanya's TrenDemon Aims to Take Content ROI Tracking to New Heights

Having completed IBM's prestigious Alpha Zone accelerator earlier this summer , TrenDemon is gearing up for a major revamp of its product this month that includes more sophisticated content analytics, powerful new integrations and bleeding-edge machine learning capabilities. IBM Watson's Tradeoff Analytics tools will further TrenDemon's powerful understanding of customer content journeys and automated on-site content promotion ad units.

Helsinki: The next big startup hub?

With more than 500 established startups and counting, Helsinki is quickly becoming known as the next center for startups As Silicon Valley, NYC and Tel Aviv burst with innovative startups, rents skyrocket, government grants get pushed to the limit and VCs pull back on their investments, waiting for the local bubbles to pop.

5 Ways Ecommerce Retailers Can Fight Fraud

In a time of digitization, the relationship between buyer and seller comes down to the merchant's ability to provide a safe marketplace. Customer data and privacy are on the top of the agenda for ecommerce retailers. After all, Ecommerce retailers are ready and willing to fight fraud.
Poland's GetResponse shows how to make it without VC money -

GdaƄsk, Poland's principal seaport situated in the Baltic sea, is part of an extended urban area with the city of Gdynia, spa town of Sopot, and other communities, which together comprise a metropolitan area called the Tricity with a population of 1.4 million.

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