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Mistakes I Made On My First Solo Trip (So You Can Avoid Them)

After watching Into the Wild for the 100th time, I made the decision to travel alone, at least for a little while. I quickly realised that travelling alone pushes you way out of your comfort zone, but also teaches you a lot about yourself.

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Undoing a legacy: The Vietnam War's 'barrier minefield'

Joe Patterson reports on the lengths taken by organisations such as the Mines Advisory Group to clear the explosives left behind in Vietnam. THE USE OF LANDMINES during the Vietnam War by Australians has been a topic of contentious debate.

Welcome to the Desert Where Nuclear Tests Melted Sand into Glass

The countdown began at 5 PM on September 27, 1956. A team of British and Australian military scientists turned their backs to a steel tower erected over the saltbush, and a white orb swallowed the landscape. It was silent at first, as the searing light reached Maralinga's scientists faster than sound.