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UK based film maker and writer with a long fascination with all things Internet Culture, Advertising and Cinema. I've been active on YouTube and writing online for 7 years now and I'm finally using my experience to branch out and write freelance.

What Bollywood Has that Hollywood Needs!

Long Time lover of bollywood cinema even studying it during my BA in film. Yeah, Bollywood. Coming from one of the most populace countries in the world and having its start around the birth of cinema itself, there is a lot of history behind this arm of international cinema and as a result a whole host of unique idiosyncrasies that make it stand out loud and proud against its western counterpart.

Netflix Are at E3, What Does That Mean?

Film (BA) with 7 years experience in online content creation. Yeah, Netflix are at E3 and lets be honest it's a little bit strange isn't it? This is the biggest gaming event of the year.

The Fall of ProJared

From his rise on screw attack to become one of the most beloved in online nerd culture, all the way to his meteoritic decent and gaining the title of loosing the most subscribers in two days. This is the full tale of Jared Knabenbauer AKA ProJared.

Lessons Learned Failing a Film

I was never the most organised person but I always was among the more competent film makers in my class and definitely one of the more experimental out of us, however, how is it that the moment we watched our big final graduate films mine would be unimaginative, flat and honestly just a bad film?

Should "Avengers: Endgame" Have Been More "Game of Thrones"?

Film (BA) with 7 years experience in online content creation. So anyone who has seen Endgame by now knows that this movies is good, even if you didn't like the film itself you can appreciate what its managed to do in building a huge universe with a huge bounty of characters for you to latch on to.

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