Jody Pamela Miller

Freelance Writer

United States of America

A beauty and lifestyle writer with heart and brains. I have published work in both print and digital outlets. I like to connect with readers in a voice that is both informative and entertaining.
I am comfortable in both narrative and first-person formats. I share my enthusiasm with readers and strive to inform and educate on a broad range of topics.


By Jody Miller The Indie Beauty Expo made its premiere in New York in the summer of 2015 as a showcase for the expanding niche beauty market. It was the first of its kind, and founders Jillian Wright and Nader Naeymi-Rad knew they were onto something.

Downtown Weekly LA
UNIQUE Market LA: Ready...Set...Shop! - Downtown Weekly LA

What's the best thing about holiday shopping? The crowds? The dirge of noise and from every corner of a cookie-cutter shopping mall? No, you can leave all that in the past because DTLA has the cherished good fortune to be home to Unique Market LA - a trailblazing integrative experience that brings consumers and local artists, designers and entrepreneurs face to face for one amazing weekend of sustainable shopping, community building and creative energy.

Downtown Weekly LA
Relax! It's...DTLA Acupuncture - Downtown Weekly LA

While there are myriad of legal remedies on the market for chronic and intolerable pain, mounting stress, and poor dietary habits one doesn't always have to turn to ingesting elements that may cause adverse side effects, impair your driving ability, or swing you to and fro into different realities.

Downtown Weekly LA
TomGeorge: FROM BUDAPEST WITH LOVE - Downtown Weekly LA

So how did DTLA become the home of an Italian restaurant by way of Budapest, on the prime location of 7th and Grand across from Bottega Louie, no less? Welcome to the world of Tom George, a popular new denizen in DTLA's robust dining scene.