Jocelynna Seah

Aspiring Writer

Location icon Singapore

Mass Media Management graduate from Nanyang Polytechnic.
Editor-in-chief for award-winning campus magazine, CATCH (Dec 2018 Issue)

As an aspiring writer, she is comfortable with writing feature stories, narratives, opinion articles and fiction.
Always willing to challenge herself and tackle other genres with confidence.

Going beyond experience to help the visually impaired

Meet the team working tirelessly to organise charity event 'Beyond I' to spread awareness on the visually handicapped in Singapore. It is no easy feat to plan for any large-scale event. Just ask the team behind ' Beyond I', a charity festival for the visually handicapped in Singapore , organised by a group of youths with no prior experience in event planning.

Getting pregnant before marriage

Naomi Neo and Kylie Jenner's pregnancy announcement videos spark passionate discussion online. Starting a family is usually the concern for married couples. However, in the recent months, young influencers like Naomi Neo and Kylie Jenner opened up on their pregnancies out of wedlock.

ITE is not as bad as you think

A former ITE student's take on what really goes on in school. The Institute of Technical Education (ITE) has always been stigmatised for having the 'leftover' students and being the worst academic institution in Singapore. In Jack Neo's 2002 movie I Not Stupid, characters referred to ITE as an acronym for "It's The End", which many believe till this date.

The best (and worst) temporary coloured hair waxes that get you in trend

We tested out Mofajang, Ashmud and Chameleon Color's and gave our honest reviews. Crazy hair colours are still the trend in 2018 and we're jumping on the bandwagon of coloured hair waxes It can be expensive to get your hair done in a salon and choosing a colour to stick to for the next few months is a huge commitment.

DXM hopes to represent Singapore's K-pop dance cover scene one day

They have seven members and train for long hours. They share the same passion for dance and coordinate their outfits and makeup for their performances. They also have their own fan club who turns up regularly for their performances. Meet DXM, a local K-pop dance cover group well-known for their synchronised performances and onstage charisma.

Behind the #gram: Mok Zijie of @artcrop

He creates miniature watercolour paintings with a Singaporean twist. His artworks are so small and detailed that you may need a magnifying glass to view them clearly. Specialising in miniature watercolour drawings, Mok Zijie , better known by his Instagram handle @artcrop, paints pieces as small as 50-cent coins.


Journalistic Writing (NYP)

Nanyang Polytechnic
Part-Time Traveller

Write a profile feature on NYP student who works part-time

Nanyang Polytechnic
All because of a broken heart

Write a personality feature: Interview an NYP student who is successful or unsuccessful in the attempt to quit smoking.