Jocelyn Brewer

Psychologist // Digital Nutritionist // Writer


Jocelyn is a Sydney-based psychologist with 15 years experience in public schools as both a teacher and counsellor.

Jocelyn is the founder of Digital Nutrition - a framework for deveoping a healthy relationship with technology, and is regularly called upon to comment in the media on issues relating to the intersection of psychology and technology (As well as general wellbeing and staying human in a digital world).

Jocelyn is part of Australia's first formal cyber-psychology research group at the University of Sydney where she is completing Masters research on the relationship between parenting styles and young people's smartphone habits.



Digital detoxing is the tech equivalent of a juice cleanse-and neither of them work

The narrative of our technology-obsessed lives is rife with metaphors about food. We "binge" on a Netflix series. We have an "appetite" for "devouring" news. We carefully curate which publishers are a part of our "daily digest" or "media diet." We filter out "spam" and crave control over what's ''served" up on our social media...

Elephant Journal
Tall, Dark Roast & Handsome: A Whole Latte Love.

get elephant's newsletter We'd been together for three years. We saw each other most weekdays and sometimes-but less often-on weekends. He was a much older Greek guy, not my usual type, but he was always happy to see me and made me feel special. I admit, I was mostly with him for convenience.

Could We Please Stop The Moral Panic Over Social Media 'Addiction'?

Yes, FoMO is real. But it's neither new, nor the end of the world. If we learned anything from ex-Instagram model Essena O'Neill's meta-announcement that " social media is not real life", hopefully it was that media literacy is an essential skill that many people are still a bit crap at.

Daily Life
Today I started an IVF savings account

"I want to have a baby when the time is right, with the right person." Photo: Getty Images My 34 th birthday was the most forlorn and disappointing on record. There I was in the middle of Wisconsin (no Bon Iver in sight), meeting and spending a week with my live-in-boyfriend and his family.


PARENTING POD: My Nappy, My Choice.

A parenting expert's caused a fuss by saying we should be asking our babies for consent before changing their nappies. Some parents are angry, but Holly's on board with the idea. Plus, is asking party guests to give your toddlers cash in lieu of a gift uncool or genius?

ABC Radio
Can kids teach themselves how to spot and avoid fake news?

In today's internet-driven environment, fake news sites not only rival real news ones, they are in fact taking over. A group of experts and academics came together in Sydney to study the phenomenon, how it impacts kids, and the best ways to manage our relationship with technology.

Radio National
Is the internet becoming more 'ethical'?

The internet is far from a 'fair' and 'ethical' place and technology companies are becoming exceedingly rich off selling our personal information. But are things changing? Just like consumers demanding eggs be free range, are we seeing the same thing happen with the internet?