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Joann Klimkiewicz

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When Should We Open the Box?

There's a box that sits on a shelf in Joann Klimkiewicz's bedroom, tied tight with a satin ribbon. She's been waiting for more than two years for the right moment to open it.

The New York Times Magazine: Lives
Desperately Seeking Christy

My sister tacked pictures of Turlington around her apartment the way our mother once tucked prayer cards of Pope John Paul II around our childhood home. I visualized Turlington before bedtime and spent my commute imagining our conversation ("That's my favorite yoga pose, too!").

It's difficult to peg exactly when the merry tide turned, but at some point in the last two weeks the Hollywood bump watch went from cooing and congratulatory to downright agitated. First actress-singer Jennifer Lopez, she of midriff-baring fame, suddenly adopted an uncharacteristic fondness for loose and flowing caftans.

Given such easy, at-home access to pornography today, just how good can business be at Hartford's Art Cinema - one the last adult movie theaters left in country?

A valid driver's license and a towel, he tells me. "That's it?" I ask the voice on the other end of the line. That's about all you'll need, confirms the man in the registration office of Solair Recreation League, a family-oriented nudist resort -- New England's oldest -- tucked in the lush woods of northeastern Connecticut.

The rumbling motorcycle cuts the calm of a hot summer evening in West Hartford Center. Past the flirty couples on their post-dinner strolls, past the teenagers licking drippy ice cream cones, the biker roars onto LaSalle Road and pulls alongside the crowd of motorcycles parked outside a curious choice of destination.

It is strangely quiet in the women's bathroom of this downtown Hartford bar, the victim of that brief lull when the Thursday night revelers change shifts: the after-work shirt-and-tie crowd settles its tab while the college kids troll for parking.
Questions of shame, purity infuse Israeli artist's work

Menstruation. It's a natural, necessary -- some would say beautiful -- function of the human body, inextricably linked to reproduction and the cycle of life. Yet across all cultures and religions, to varying degrees, a shroud of shame hangs over this biological reality.

How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Bridal Showers

I've never been a fan of bridal showers. The tissue-papered excess, the cooing over Crock-Pots and vacuum cleaner cozies, the theater of watching someone unwrap gifts they already know they're getting. It was all lost on me. More than that, the ritual seemed a touch outdated.

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Aches, pains washed away at no-frills bathhouse

NEW YORK - Somewhere in this land of many spas, there's a place where the work-weary can ease their achy bones and knotted muscles without having to navigate the bells and whistles of today's boutique salons. A place where there are no perfumed lotions or loathsome "spa therapists" to scowl at one's clogged pores and pasty legs.

Top Bridal Trends From New York's Bridal Fashion Week

You said "Yes!" to your partner's proposal, and now you're on the hunt to say "Yes" to the dress. But as you face the overwhelming racks of lace and tulle and silke crepe, you might begin to doubt that you'll ever find your dream gown. Stay calm, says bridal couturiere Romona Keveza.

America, we've got a situation. "We the People," it seems, are an arrogant and brash bunch. We are self-serving and insensitive. We are exploitive and quick to take but slow to give back. We exalt a culture of decadence and consumerism. Our social mores? Woeful.
4 Bedrock Habits of Highly Confident Women

1. They Actually Don't Keep Calm and Carry On When people are already experiencing pre-performance jitters, found Alison Wood Brooks, a professor and researcher at Harvard Business School, it's much easier to shift into a state of excitement than calm. Brooks did a study with participants in several high-stress scenarios: karaoke singing, public speaking and math performance.

The Hartford Courant
The Other Afternoon Delight

Through their National Napping Day campaign, authors Bill and Camille Anthony have been promoting the benefits of afternoon shut-eye and encouraging workplaces to adopt nap-friendly policies.

The Hartford Courant
An Amazing Yarn

Carol Martin has steadily doubled and redoubled business since her early days of modest sales at town festivals. Today, her yarn is sold at more than 200 yarn shops across the country. She expects to produce this year about 40,000 skeins of her signature yarns

Los Angeles Times
Launching a Chemical Reaction to Cosmetics

One advocacy group is taking a hard look at the chemicals companies use in their cosmetic products and campaigning for tighter restrictions on ingredients they contend pose significant health concerns.

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Are Modern Standards Too High?

A January study in The New York Times sent a shiver through the institution of marriage when it reported a continuing steady decline. Experts have quibbled over the numbers, the methodology and the conclusion. But no one disputes that marriage is being questioned. Today, we continue our examination of the state of our unions.