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Joanne Helperin

Marketing Communications Manager, Writer, Editor

Location icon United States

Contact: [email protected]

I write and edit ad copy, marketing collateral, long-form features, news, blogs, video and radio scripts, social media content, and public relations materials. I'm primarily (though not exclusively) consumer-focused, with specialties in consumer advice, education, finance/business, health/medical, lifestyle, and automotive. An instinctive storyteller and a UCLA MBA, I'm insatiably curious, a tenacious researcher, driven to perform. I enjoy collaborating within a team and across departments.


Health/Medical Articles
Drug Abuse: Symptoms To Look For In A Loved One

In November 2016, the U.S. Surgeon General sounded the alarm about our country's frightening substance abuse problem, which runs across every strata of society: One out of every seven Americans will face a substance addiction. Heroin and opiates alone kill an American every 19 minutes. Not every drug user suffers from addiction.
Top 10 Questions To Ask An Orthodontist

Orthodonture is a little like a relationship: Easy enough to get into, but much harder to back out of. Before you invest time and hard-earned cash in this long-term medical affair, ask all the important questions of your potential orthodontist, so there are no unpleasant surprises down the road.
Urgent Care: What To Know, When To Go

We needed an ear, nose and throat specialist, but the wait at our HMO was two weeks. What now? An emergency room seemed like overkill. Should I take him to urgent care instead? Here's what I learned. - The Real Yellowpages

Tech Marketing Articles

Business 2.0
All for the Cause

Cause marketing is helping dotcoms profit through philanthropy

Business 2.0
Sugar Daddy wants a slice of the online specialty foods market, and thanks to the brand-muscle of parent Hy-Vee, it might just get it.

Automotive Articles
What Are Automakers Doing for Women? Part I: GM Reaches Out

Say you're the world's largest automaker - selling 9 million cars and trucks in 2004, with iconic brands like Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet and GMC, among others. Now let's say you wake up one day and find that women are buying 35 percent of your vehicles, influence around 80 percent of all purchases and make up 65 percent of service customers.

Public Relations & Marketing Collateral

Roots Realty, Chicago
Sell Sheets for a Real Estate Investment Firm

I helped determine how Root Realty could best demonstrate its value-add to potential clients in several investment categories. I worked with another writer and graphic artist local to the Chicago firm to craft easily understandable sell sheets.

YULA High Schools
Invitation to Annual Trustees Dinner

Working with several vendors and organizational stakeholders, I designed the marketing and development materials (including two web sites) for two private high schools. This invitation was for their gala dinner and featured pictures of staff and students.

Places I've Been Quoted

Marie Claire
5 Ways to Profit from the Economy

3. Deals on Wheels "Automakers are hurting," says Joanne Helperin, senior features editor of the auto information site "They are desperate to make a sale and will do anything to get you financed."

Los Angeles Times
Websites help drivers get out of leases on the cheap

"For the person getting out of the lease, it's the best thing since sliced bread," said Joanne Helperin, who follows the trend for auto website "Until now they were just stuck."
What do women want? A hot sports car will do.

“Generally, men and women have similar priorities when it comes to buying a car, but they put them in a different order,” said Helperin. Women place safety and practicality high on their list of priorities, while men place more emphasis on horsepower and engine size. And women are more concerned than men with whether a car has enough room for passengers and cargo, Helperin added.

New L.A. Businesses to Check Out in 2017

We Angelenos are known for searching for what's new, trendy, or unique in this melting pot city. Sure, we're busy, but life's too short not to test out new places and activities. Below are some outstanding new businesses to try. You can thank me later! Image of the Shade Hotel Redondo Beach.
Holiday Pet Safety Tips

Pet parents can avoid most potential problems specific to the holidays by recognizing certain household dangers. - The Real Yellowpages

Los Angeles Jewish Journal
Less Bar, More Mitzvah

Everyone warned me that bar mitzvah planning was incredibly stressful - the time, the energy, the cost. I wanted to pass on the whole party thing when it came time for my son J.J.'s bar mitzvah. Just a simple kiddush after the service -- and then skip town.

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