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My name is Joanne Fosdike and I am a journalist working for a busy regional newspaper in South Australia.
My job is diverse and interesting as I cover a range of stories for print and online in any one week.

From police to council and politicians and rockstars I cover it all, and do so with integrity, humour and a desire to find the story and give my readers the information they need to be informed citizens and sometimes a reason to laugh.

Of course none of this would be possible without the desire for truth and a thirst for knowledge and a hefty dose of being able to multitask and stay organised thrown in for good measure.

My role includes reporting, photography, feature writing, assisting in social media management and posting/managing content online.

If you want to find out more see my portfolio of news stories, feature articles and entertainment blogs below or hit the LinkedIn button to see my resume.


News stories

The Murray Valley Standard
Large scale toothache

This was one crazy week - after all how often do you get to stand this close to a lion. Not only did I get to be there from the time they tranquelized her but I even got to give her a little pat while taking her picture.

The Murray Valley Standard
Rate Hike

The reality of moving into a new shopping centre started to hit home to retailers when they found themselves stuck with large rates.

Feature stories

The Murray Valley Standard
Eye of the beholder - part 1

This was a fun article of the cult of tatooing that seems to have taken over the nation. I put aside my cynicism for a day and met some interesting people. Unfortunately a conservative editorial decision meant a fairly staid photo to go with the story.

Your Lifestyle
Eye of the beholder - part 2

This feature article- part 1 and 2 - takes a look at the growing popularity of tatoos and those that mark the body for a living.

The Murray Valley Standard
Long walk

AFTER years of walking from country to country amidst civil war, Abraham Mukei took one final journey to restore some type of justice for his homeland. This time his trip was filled with joy as he headed to Canberra from his adopted home in South Australia to vote in the Sudanese elections. The Sudanese refugee left Murray Bridge in January to travel 650 kilometres to Melbourne to cast his first-ever vote to determine the fate of the people of South Sudan.


Movie review - tin tin

A gentle walk across the generation gap with the help of a couple of young experts helped me navigate my way around this film

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