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Joanna Ahti

Freelance Writer and Founder of At Home with Joanna

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Based in Montreal, QC, I am a blogger turned freelance writer. I have learned a lot over the six years I have been writing, and I always strive to learn even more. I truly never expected my writing to turn into a career, but I am so glad that it did.

I currently work for social media marketing agencies and other companies privately who wish to get more of an audience. My articles have been used companies and brands worldwide.

A post I wrote went viral on PopSugar and Love What Matters, which was incredibly humbling.

My website At Home with Joanna has also grown in popularity over the past two years, and while I love being a freelance writer, I will always remember how it all began. Therefore, I spend time writing content for that too.

At Home With Joanna
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Would you like to work with At Home with Joanna? Do you want to see a few website stats? Take a look through this Media Kit and let's work together!

Boxing to Fight Against Parkinson's | mtl365

One of the most recognized names, not only in the history of boxing, but the world in general, is Muhammad Ali. Known for being one of the leading heavyweight champions, Ali was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease in 1984. While there are many possible causes of Parkinson's, one of the environmental factors is head injury.

At Home With Joanna
Newport Brushstrokes Raising Funds for Humboldt Broncos - At Home With Joanna

The team at Newport Brushstrokes want to help raise funds in the best way they know how. This is why, they will be creating a painting based on the last team picture the Humboldt Broncos took, (seen above). The painting will then be auctioned, with all of the proceeds going to the families affected.

At Home With Joanna
BreadBox Canada Launch: Artisanal Breads at Home - At Home With Joanna

Who doesn't love hot, freshly baked bread? When I first heard about the launch of BreadBox, the first thought that came to mind, was that I have never made a loaf of bread at home before. I had watched my Mom bake bread during my childhood, and I love to try new things in the kitchen....

At Home With Joanna
Micro-managing your Social Media - At Home With Joanna

In the current day and age, it seems like we are constantly looking at one form of social media or another. Whether walking down the street, taking public transportation, or sitting in a coffee shop, most of the people you see will have their smartphones in their hands, or their laptops open.

At Home With Joanna
Punta Chiara Boutique: A Family Business - At Home With Joanna

Punta Chiara Boutique: A Family Business Boutique de Mariage Punta Chiara (Punta Chiara means Pointe Claire), is considered a hidden gem in the West Island for their wide selection of formal wear. They have been in business for over 12 years and offer amazing customer ...

At Home With Joanna
My Pretty Creativity Personalized Items - At Home With Joanna

My Pretty Creativity offers an extensive line of personalized, handmade products. There is definitely something that will catch your eye. To give you more information about the products, I spoke to Erin not only about her business, but also her experience as an entrepreneur.

At Home With Joanna
How To Start A Blog - At Home With Joanna

How To Start A Blog If you are reading this, it means you are where I was almost 5 years ago. I had no idea where to begin my blogging journey, or where it could lead me. If you had told me that I would eventually become a freelance writer, I wouldn't have believed you.

At Home With Joanna
You'll Always Be Our Rainbow - At Home With Joanna

Sweet Little Boy, You'll Always Be Our Rainbow The following post deals with pregnancy loss and may contain sensitive topics. Today, at 8:20 AM, we were supposed to be at our second trimester ultrasound for our baby. Instead, I am writing. A week ago from ...

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