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Joanna Greenberg

Writer, Editor, Educator

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Joanna Greenberg lives and writes in Southern California, where she is an MFA Candidate in Nonfiction at the University of California, Riverside. At UC Riverside, she is the recipient of a Chancellor's Distinguished Fellowship, a Distinguished MFA Fellowship, and serves as the Editor-in-Chief of the Santa Ana River Review. Her nonfiction has appeared or is forthcoming in the Los Angeles Review of Books, Thread, and Hippocampus. She is currently finishing her memoir about her life as an adopted child and a survivor of childhood emotional abuse. When she is not writing, she is teaching K-12 Language Arts and undergraduate Creative Writing and Composition, hanging out with her brood of senior rescue animals, and drinking copious amounts of coffee.

What I Knew Then, What I Know Now | Thread

What I Knew Then I am in love with Dave. That's all you really need to know about me. I am twenty-one years old, I am only pretty from certain angles, I wear red Keds sneakers and short dresses and red lipstick (it helps with the bad angles), and I'm in love with Dave.

Hippocampus Magazine - Memorable Creative Nonfiction
On Dogs and Dictators by Joanna Greenberg

My mother frequently told me she wasn't sure if she loved me, but she sure did love her schnauzers. Unlike human children, they never talked back.

Los Angeles Review of Books
The Case of the Perfect Girl Detective - Nancy Drew - BLARB

Nancy Drew knows all. She knows, at the age of 18, more than anyone else who has ever or will ever live. She can scuba dive, perform advanced mechanical repairs on her blue convertible, and knit charming sweaters for her father. She speaks at least four languages fluently, including, of course, both rare French and Spanish dialects.

Thought Catalog
Celebrating Rosh Hashanah With Mulder And Scully

Recently, over brunch with my old friend from high school, Caitlyn, I found myself blathering on about my love for the show The X-Files. It had been a favorite of mine as a teen when it first aired, and I'd just started re-watching it, obsessively, during a week-long "stay-cation".

Thought Catalog
A Series Of Places I've Been (And Where I'm Going)

1. 10 Castle Harbor Road. I learned to walk and speak and read, sitting under the dining room table for hours with my books. It was safest there, tucked away from my parents' shouting matches. My mother's dream home, with the view of the harbor.

Gandy Dancer

Untamed After Orlando, the flags flew at half-mast for a week. Grieving as I was, I wanted them to stay that way forever. Certainly, our country is full of enough tragedy these days to warrant keeping the flag down a ... Continue reading →

I love being blonde, but I'm giving it up-here's why

"Mommy, it hurts!" "It's ok honey, we have to take pain for beauty." While I was a very precocious seven year old, the concept was above my grasp, but I had already developed a keen understanding of my mother and her rules of engagement, the primary rule of which was never question.

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