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Jordan Corona


Location icon United States of America

Jordan is a writer from south Texas.

While studying international relations abroad, he wrote pieces featured on a Maastricht University student blog.

More recently, has written on social justice issues for local NPR station KWBU in Waco and hyperlocal features for Baylor University campus publications. Community perspective on national relevancies.

Contact me at:
[email protected]

Baylor Lariat
The Numbers Are Out

By Jordan Corona Staff Writer Rhonda Milem didn't know that families who don't have a place to live sometimes stay in the Sandman Motel on Franklin Avenue until she took a job at the Dollar General just down the street. "I see a lot of kids come here after school," she said.

Baylor Lariat
West Explosion Could Have Been Avoided

By Jordan Corona Staff Writer Officials from the U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board said Texas can learn a thing or two in light of the tragedy in West. "If the lessons from West do not cause any change in Texas and throughout the United States, I consider that a real tragedy," Dr. Beth Rosenberg, a chemical safety board member said.

Baylor Lariat
New Farm Bill Passes Senate, Awaits President

By Jordan Corona Staff Writer Two years in the making, a new farm bill sailed to the Senate on the winds of congressional bipartisan support. Tuesday, the legislation that will set the tone for the next five years of American food policy left the Senate for a signature from the Oval Office.

Baylor Lariat
City Council to Continue Strip Club Discussion

By Jordan Corona Staff Writer Waco City Council will keep talking about two proposed ordinances to regulate area strip clubs and other sexually oriented businesses, as agreed during Tuesday night's meeting. Before Mayor Malcolm Duncan opened the floor for public commentary, he said council members had too many questions about the two proposed ordinances to make a decision.

Baylor Lariat
First State of Nation Luncheon Compares State, Local Politics

By Jordan Corona & Rebecca Fiedler Staff Writers U.S. Rep. Bill Flores, R-Texas, and political director of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Rob Engstrom discussed topics of national interest with Wacoans Thursday morning at Waco's first State of the Nation Luncheon.

Baylor Lariat
Judge strikes down ban on gay marriage

By Jordan Corona Staff Writer A federal judge decided Texas' same-sex marriage ban is unconstitutional Wednesday. U.S. District Judge Orlando Garcia ruled in favor of two homosexual couples seeking marital recognition from the state of Texas. The defendants in the case included Gov. Rick Perry and State Attorney General Greg Abbott.

Baylor Lariat
Group Speaks Out, Urges Students to Impeach Obama

By Jordan Corona Staff Writer Two campaign representatives for U.S. Senate hopeful Kesha Rogers stood behind a picture of President Barack Obama, defaced with a mustache to look like Adolf Hitler at the corner of Fifth and Bagby Streets Wednesday. "We don't want to impeach Obama for those mainstream racial bull-- reasons," Rey Padron, a Rogers campaign representative, said.

Baylor Lariat
Health Care 101 – Doctoral Students Stuck in Health Bind

By Jordan Corona Reporter Some doctoral students may find themselves in a precarious position with the health care law. Under the Affordable Care Act, people can receive health coverage from their parents' plans until they turn 26. "Most graduate students fall in that age range of 23-30," said doctoral candidate Christopher Bissex, president of the Graduate Student Association.

Baylor Lariat
Many Texans Fall into Medicaid, Insurance Marketplace Gap

By Jordan Corona Reporter Many in Texas have no options for health coverage despite the aims of the Affordable Care Act. Jan Gill is finishing her third semester at McLennan Community College. Stacking books in the library a few hours every day, she collects a paycheck from her work-study.

Baylor Lariat
Students Have More Options for Insurance Coverage than Many Think

By Jordan Corona Reporter Nearly three weeks ago, Kimberly Minnick's parents received a letter from her health insurance company. "My mom called me to say my health insurance was ending and that I'd need to get a physical before the end of the year," Minnick said.

Baylor Lariat
A First for Housing First

By Jordan Corona Staff Writer The city is rethinking conventional methods of helping the chronically homeless. Almost Home Waco is a housing-first program from the Department of Housing and Community Development that officially kicks-off with a public meeting at 9 a.m. today at the City's Operations Building on Fourth Street.

Baylor Lariat
Professor Launches Study on Food Desert Conditions

By Jordan Corona Reporter Neighborhoods without a source of healthy food deserve a second look. That's the thinking behind a research project Dr. Andy Hogue, director of civic education and community service program, is heading up with his African-American politics class and the Texas Hunger Initiative.

Baylor Lariat
Shots Fired at Local Apartment Complex

By Jordan Corona Staff Writer An unidentified person opened fire around 5 a.m. today at La Mirage Apartments. The apartment complex is at the corner of Ninth and Baylor Street, less than half a mile from Collins Residence Hall.

Baylor Lariat
Waco Schools Collect Data to Help Students in Need

By Jordan Corona Reporter Waco Independent School District counts homelessness like no other. Last spring, the district became the first in the state to use a federally endorsed confidential information system to collect and pool information about students who are referred to social services.

Baylor Lariat
New System Logs Food Donated to Homeless

By Jordan Corona Reporter The city of Waco is counting on area non-profits to help tally up the number of the people they assist. The Heart of Texas Homelessness Management Information System is a database that local nonprofit assistance providers are using to keep their services data-informed.

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Travel and Features

Carnival in Maastricht

Carnival is a three day party that folks in Maastricht celebrate before Lent. For some, it's a little more than three days, for others it's a little less. Either way, people appeal to the heart of it all by dressing up in costumes of all shapes and colors.

City story

At the bottom of the Netherlands' southernmost province, Limburg, Maastricht is gem of cobble streets studded at its corners with warm pubs and bakery's. About a month ago, some friends and I were quite sleepy when our plane landed in Amsterdam. After we found our luggage, we boarded a bus to our new home for the next two months.

Say Good Morning To Your Neighbor

Story and Photos by: Jordan Corona On a brisk November morning, the Brazos rolls away, pensive with stories from a hundred years ago, ducks quacking along with it. It's a murky flow, ebbing glinted bits of yellow Texas sunrise at its Waco banks. The river runs against this flat turf, northwest to southeast, at a mighty-Brazos diagonal.

The Baylor Lariat

By Jordan Corona Reporter For it is from this, the last harvest, all amber tree-line and pumpkin spice, the vigilant eye sees the imminent farewell. The wintertime is a great nap for all of nature. Icy and fair, it is death. People like death. People fear it, sure.