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Jennifer Navala

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Blogs. Travel. Humor Enthusiast. Data Advocate. Public Health Professional.

Innovative Teaching Project Points Students to History of Food

The fifth graders at Innovations Academy in Scripps Ranch proved that they are no strangers to kale and cauliflower as they pointed out the fresh vegetables growing in their school garden to their parents, grandparents and public health nursing students from Point Loma Nazarene University (PLNU).

St. Madeleine Sophie's Center Makes a Splash

Jennifer Navala, Health Promotion Specialist and Intergenerational Coordinator for the County of San Diego, met with Shannon Nicole Buxton on a sunny September morning at the Center, along with Erica Macht, the Volunteer Coordinator. Shannon is a participant who has been attending St.

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Poverty Porn

Cue depressing Sarah Mclachlan song. Cue slideshow of black and white pictures of little African babies. And finally, cue your pity and guilt for throwing away the crust of your sandwich. Why the hell are those pictures black and white? I'm pretty sure we live in the digital age of Tupac holograms and Photoshop so...

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Girl Goes to Kenya, Changes Profile Pic for Life

26 months later... I'm crying in a car as I leave my home for the past two years. I could talk about the thousands of unique things that I've learned here in Kenya, or the people that have forever changed my life, all of my projects and the people they've impacted, or how I'm a completely...

Kenya Dig It
Kenya Dive?

Kenyans are terrified of chameleons. I really want to turn that into a really great metaphor about fear and taking a leap and living life and carpe diem and FOMO (fear of missing out (I hear the young kids are saying that these days)) and YOLO (you only live once), facing your fears, etc.

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