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Julia Werner

Senior Manager, Editorial Strategy at

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An extremely competitive and driven professional who thrives on social media engagement and has been immersed in the world of Facebook paid advertising and viral content marketing for the past 5 years.


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Places You're Not Allowed To Visit... #3 Is Hiding Earth's Biggest Secret.

Courtesy of Coca-Cola This is top secret stuff. by Splatter Staff From Disneyland to Iceland, there are dozens of places across the world where the "Average Joe" is not allowed to venture. While the restrictions range from a hefty price tag to actual threat of death, these mysterious locations continue to wreak havoc on our curious minds.
11 Dating Apps So Bizarre You Almost Have To Try Them

How many times have you been caught listening to some mouth-breather drone on about his earthworm collection and thought, "Please, God, get me out of here." Luckily, the Bad Date Rescue app helps you abandon that rapidly sinking ship. The call can either be scheduled beforehand or triggered at the push of a button when things start to go south.

The West End Word
Out of This World

Beginning in late October the Delmar Loop is about 3 billion miles. For three years Stephen Walker, a St. Louis native and author of Lemp: The Haunting History, has worked to bring a walking scale model of the solar system to St. Louis.

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9 Seemingly Innocent Photos With A Horrifying Backstory

This is a photo of John Lennon giving an autograph to Mark David Chapman, the man who would murder him only hours later. Chapman later said that he was incensed by Lennon's remark that the Beatles were "more popular than Jesus", calling it blasphemy. He made no attempt to flee or resist arrest.
7 Unique Sets of Twins Who Defied the Odds

Twins are rare enough, but some twins are certainly more unique than others. Here are a few sets of twins who defied the odds in several different ways, from being conjoined to having different biological fathers!
10 Celebs and Their Horror Movie Doppelgangers

As October draws to a close, you may be starting to watch some of your favorite horror movies to get in the Halloween mood. But have you ever gotten a strong feeling of deja vu watching your favorite villains in action? We sure did. Here are 10 celebs and their

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Wedding Yoga: Being Present on Your Special Day

You may be thinking to yourself, the last thing I'm going to have time for on my wedding day is a yoga class. But imagine waking up on the morning of your wedding to discover that your maid of honor is terribly sick. The make up artist is running late.
Savile Row Custom Clothier: 3 Ways to Pants

We at Savile Row take pride in our ability to satisfy any customer. For some this means providing a hassle-free, top quality garment on the spot, for others a minor cuff adjustment and for some a one-of-a-kind piece hand-made from scratch.
Prepare for Spring with St. Louis Lawn Care

Spring is just around the corner, and before the warm weather hits you might want to consider investing in St. Louis lawn care service from Hansens. Spring lawn care is a tough job and there’s a lot more to it than you may think. In addition to regular lawn mowing, seeding and weed control Hansen’s offers.