Jessi Kerlin

digital marketer & writer

United States

Early in my career, I took a chance and left my full-time job to pursue my dreams of becoming a marketing writer. Though brief, my time as a contract digital copywriter sparked the beginning of an amazing professional journey, transforming my life in truly unexpected ways. Since then, I have evolved and continuously advanced through various roles, maintaining a consistent drive for growth and learning all that I can to expand my knowledge and broaden my skill set.

Reflecting on this journey, I am most proud of the following accomplishments:
• Initiating and overseeing an entire website makeover and redesign project while working at NMB (now Better Life), which required extensive project management skills and technical expertise.
• Advancing at CRS from marketing associate to a leadership role, which included two core functions — managing all digital marketing initiatives, including multi-brand social media platforms, and overseeing the coordination and participation of 20+ trade shows per year.
• Familiarizing myself with the AEC industry after starting with Flad Architects, taking ownership in the successful and timely delivery of countless high-quality proposals as well as assisting with content strategy/curation and coordinating digital marketing/social media efforts across a national practice.
• Pursuing my passion for writing and digital marketing with Affiliated Engineers — a role encompassing strategy, content creation, social media and website management, and coordination of all digital marketing platforms, campaigns, and initiatives.

I am so grateful to be more than just a single role depicted by a single job title — I am a passionate copywriter, creative thinker, energetic leader, content strategist, social media guru, and reliable teammate — not to mention an enthusiastic freelancer, devoted cat mom, avid cook/baker, and aspiring world traveler.

Product Descriptions

Various product descriptions, features and details I wrote while working for a major retail corporation.


The Kewaskum Statesman
Statesman Article Samples

A collection of articles I wrote during my time as a freelance reporter for a local newspaper