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John Asante is currently the Managing Producer at Neon Hum Media, a podcast production company based in Los Angeles. Previously, he was a Senior Producer at Stitcher, an Associate Producer for "The Takeaway," WNYC and PRI’s innovative, daily national news program. John has also produced "There Goes The Neighborhood," a podcast collaboration between WNYC and The Nation magazine exploring the gentrification of Brooklyn.

Earlier in his career, John produced stories about tech, health, race, pop culture, and sports for NPR's "Talk of the Nation," "Ask Me Another," and the 2010 Midterm Election. He’s also reported pieces for "Morning Edition" and "Tell Me More."

In his spare time, John hosts and produces "Play It Back," a podcast about music discovery, and recounts deeply personal stories at open mic storytelling shows like "The Moth," "Yum’s The Word," and "The Soundtrack Series."

John earned bachelor’s degrees in Journalism and Communication from Georgia State University. Forever he loves Atlanta, but he's based in Los Angeles these days.


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Play It Back

Everyone has at least one favorite song, but which ones have changed your life? Host John Asante talks with musicians, creators, and music lovers about their most cherished music memories -- and how discovering the perfect tune at the right time can make a world of difference.

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Trashing the High Seas | WNYC

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There Goes the Neighborhood | WNYC

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