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Hello, my name is James and I am a self-employed content creator who writes about health, travelling and exotic foods and recipes. I graduated from The University of Waikato in 2016 with a Bachelors degree in Social Science and my major in Psychology. Since graduating, I have worked in the mental health sector as a community support worker, but have decided to embark on world travels. During these travels, I have found time to write passionately about food and culture, two things that are important to me and capture my interests.

I have a large amount of experience writing essays, research reports, and literature reviews for university and work, as well as long-term interests in blog writing and creative writing. A major strength is my ability to well research a topic, and incorporate the information into my work, as well as being able to write with creativity and a style that captivates the reader.

This portfolio has been created to display my writing talents, and as an assurance to any prospective employers that you will only get high-quality work if you hire me.



I Burnt My Mouth
5 Essential foods you need to try in Thailand

For anyone visiting Thailand for the first time, or the one-hundredth time, the food is often new, exotic, confusing, and often terrifying. But there is a reason why this country produces a world-class cuisine. Intensely proud of their food, Thailand is home to a fusion of many flavours and textures that will leave you in...

I Burnt My Mouth
Mouth-melting Melbourne

Chicken parma and smashed avo. The two things that can best sum up my stint in Melbourne. Honestly. Sure I drank and partied, visited beaches on weekends, and saw the art Melbourne was famous for. But what captured my attention was the food. My free time was occupied by eating and fantasising.

I Burnt My Mouth
Koh Chang - Island of Elephants

Today was the day we were supposed to head back to Bangkok. Last night we were frantically looking for accommodation in the largest city in Thailand to begin our search for teaching jobs when we asked ourselves if we were ready to leave. The answer was no.


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