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Jim Edmonds

Technical Writer, Copy Editor, Adventurer

Now this is the story all about how, my career has transpired up to now. And I'd like to take a minute to share my surprise, I'll tell you how I became a writer for Hewlett Packard Enterprise.
In South Houston, Texas I was born and raised. On the music stage is where I spent most of my days, chillin' out back, and relaxing all cool - doing some camping outside of school. When a couple of folks, who were up to some good, started writing specs in my neighborhood. I did one little job, and they liked my work: they said "We'd like to employ you as a technical writer..."
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Here is a look at what I'm doing, what I've done, and how I got here.

Technical Writer

Copy Editor

Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Aruba NetEdit

Product Information Sheet for Aruba NetEdit

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