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I studied journalism at Old Dominion University and have a passion for reading any and everything. I have a great deal of experience in customer service, sales, and the entertainment industry from my previous positions. I really enjoy learning new things and I've recently become interested in the tech industry and specifically how it is greatly impacting every day life.



New Jersey's Successful Criminal Justice Reform Program

Last year, the state of New Jersey implemented criminal justice reform through a non-monetary bail program, The Bail Reform and Speedy Trial Act, which provides new pretrial services to supervise low-risk defendants pending trial.

Community Resilience Planning: The Exceptional Approach

Contributed by Michael Walsh Community resilience planning has increasingly become a necessity for municipalities across the country. With natural disasters occurring frequently, from unexpected tornados in the aftermath of a storm to flooded neighborhoods after a heavy rainfall, communities are developing mitigation strategies to combat future effects of natural disasters.

Combating Climate Change Effects of El Nino

El Niño is one of the most important climate phenomenon on Earth. It is also known as El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO), which includes La Niña, and consists of a powerful fluctuation of complex ocean currents...

Ten Pieces of Advice for Young Architects

With another school year coming to a close, many architecture students will be embarking on their professional careers. Here is some advice I wish I had known when I began my career:

Designing for Radiation Protection at Texas Children's Hospital

Contributed by Tom Brown A couple of weeks ago, I presented an overview about radiation treatment room design and shielding to the State of Texas hospital licensing division along with Jay Poston, the radiation safety officer from the Texas Children's Hospital (TCH).

Combating Climate Change Effects of El Niño

Contributed by Elise MacPherson El Niño is one of the most important climate phenomenons on Earth, also known as El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO) which includes La Niña, it is the most powerful oscillation and consists of a fluctuation of complex ocean currents.

Glenview Park District Maintenance Facility: Outstanding Rebuild Design

Contributed by Brian Meade and Daniel Atilano In 2010, the Glenview Park District in Glenview, Illinois, experienced a substantial loss when its maintenance facility and garage were destroyed in a fire. Without this facility, there was a negative impact on the park district's capabilities because of an increased workload at the other maintenance center.


Designing the Environment Around Us

Landscape architects have the responsibility of designing the outdoor environment to be aesthetically pleasing, as well as functional. Many people are unware of what goes into creating the environments they live in. There's an extensive planning process for the design of the outdoor spaces we inhabit. Contributed by Andrew Tull

Autonomous Vehicles: Transforming the Transportation System

For the past 100 years, after the assembly line, progress in the automotive sector has been incremental. Our current mobility system provides everyone with the personal freedom to move about as they please; however, it has greatly impacted our safety, environment, land use, and time. Contributed by Daniel Peterson

Transforming Water Infrastructure in International Communities

Down a one-lane, dirt road in Estelí, Nicaragua, lies the remote village of Sabana Grande. Although it lacks running water, the community has existed for hundreds of years and relies on agriculture as its main source of income. Contributed by Kenex Sevilla

Creative Planning and Financing Strategies to Achieve Municipal Visions

Municipalities across the nation are actively seeking efficient ways to update their facilities. However, these communities face obstacles with funding as well as community support when trying to enhance their existing cultural and civic presence. Contributed by Brian Meade, AIA

Mapping Future Flood Hazards

Over the past few decades, coastal communities have experienced an increase in the frequency and magnitude of local-area flooding. Government entities have recognized that future flooding zones and wave hazards must be included in resilience planning. Contributed by Brian Batten

Planning our Resilient Communities of the Future

Contributed by Jane Sibley Frantz In the last few decades there have been frequent climate-related and natural disasters, resulting in an increase of risk to the normal functions of our communities. Local, state, and federal entities are proactively stepping up to the demand and necessity of incorporating resilience preparation into long-term community planning.

Dimensions Summer 2016

Wrote Montgomery County's 3rd District Police Station

Geodesign - GIS and Planning to Reach Consensus

Contributed by Stephanie Routh People who have been involved in community planning know about the challenge of reaching consensus. From environmental and business groups to local citizens, many approvals are needed that can push back construction dates or delay it indefinitely.

Flying Across the Map to Redefine the Vertical Datum

All across the continental U.S. there are various points that collectively determine gravity measurements. This data makes up what's known as the vertical datum, the current system of zero elevation surfaces on topographic maps. Contributed by Elise MacPherson

Dimensions Winter 2016
Vision: Innovation

Wrote Building Community Resilience to Sea Level Rise



Internship for Dominion Enterprises
Dominion Enterprises at South by Southwest

This was a blog I created during my internship at Dominion Enterprises that highlighted the companies experience at the 2013 South by Southwest Conference

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