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Jill Angelstad

Freelance Writer | Content Marketing | Copywriting | Helping companies connect to their customers through the written word

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Think about your last big purchase. Did you Google the company/product first? It's 2020...of course you did! Most people (approximately 70-80% of us) take the time to research a company online BEFORE we visit a store or whip out our credit card.

Our first impression of any company is usually online. But if your website is cluttered, your business blog hasn't been updated since 2010, or your brochure is on the boring side, you might be missing out. We humans only spend an average of 15 seconds on a website before deciding to move on. Why not give these potential new customers a good reason to stay?

Finding the right words to describe our business obviously matters. But finding the resources to do this in-house can be a whole other challenge. That's where I can help!

As a former marketing manager turned freelance content writer, I understand what it's like to lack the internal resources needed to get things done. If you're swamped, understaffed or don't know where to begin, it might be a good idea to invest in a writer you can trust to deliver quality content whenever you need it.

How can I help you with your next project? Connect with me at: [email protected]

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