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Jerry Hrechka is a writer with experience in a variety of subjects going from politics, literature, film, television comic books, video games, and the current landscape of social media. He believes that writing should be about knowledge and passion and makes his love for subject material shine through in his writing.

Jerry's desire for writing is not only to relay information to others but to ask what these things mean in a larger context and what we can expect by looking at them. Good writing and analysis comes from a place of inquisition and taking things beyond the surface.

Two-Alarm Fyres: The Dueling Documentaries of The Fyre Festival

The Fyre Festival is now an event that will live in infamy. Initially touted as this generation's woodstock, the event was headed by rapper Ja Rule and now felon Billy McFarland. It took place on a small, secluded island in the Bahamas that had been bought out specifically for this event.

Bloodborne Shows The Breadth of Cosmic Horror

Anybody who knows me will probably have surmised that Bloodborne is a game tailor-made for me. After all, I love the works of H.P. Lovecraft, I love games with strong atmosphere, I love subtle storytelling, and of course I also love to swear at screen and throw my controller in frustration a lot.

The Last Colbert Report Says Good Bye To Stephen Colbert And One Of The Most Unique Voices In...

This Thursday night saw the ending of The Colbert Report. Having gone for nine years and over fourteen hundred episodes, Stephen Colbert has left Comedy Central to take over for David Letterman, which made me wonder if the people behind the 'Cancel Colbert' movement had made a wish upon a monkey paw since it required him to retire the character with the same name.

Why Blockbusters Franchises Won't Destroy Cinema

I just returned from seeing the Hobbit. I had enough fun, having seen the things that I expected to see with the creativity that Peter Jackson brings, but felt that the intent of a children's book was lost in favor of conforming to the current model of high-octane action franchises.

Long Live The Queen Is The Pretty Princess Simulator You've Always Wanted

Princesses aren't uncommon in video games. It's pretty safe to say that princesses have been in video games for only slightly less time than video games themselves have existed. Most of the time you are saving them. Games like Mario and The Legend of Zelda feature this all-too common story hook.

Superman #39 Loses The Powers But Brings In The Heart

I'd been excited for the collaboration between Geoff Johns and John Romita Jr. since it was announced. While I've been routinely impressed with the comic they've been putting out thanks to both Johns' understanding of the character as well as JR JR's gorgeous art, it was what I was expecting.

TOKU-TALK: I Want To Live Like Kamen (Rider) People - opr

Welcome back to Toku-Talk where we talk about tokusatsu: Japanese television shows with an emphasis on special effects. Technically speaking, any show with special effects counts as tokusatsu, but we're generally going to use it to refer to Japanese superhero shows.

Remembering Wes Craven: Horror's Guiding Voice

Without Wes Craven I might not have gotten into horror. I probably didn't know it at the time. I was four and the idea of directors and writers wasn't really that prominent in my brain. What was prominent was a snarling one-liner spewing killer that was everywhere at the time: Freddy Krueger.

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