Joe Harless

Health and Professional Services Content Writer

Location icon United States

An award-winning writer specializing in producing informative and exciting content for U.S. and international clients, I’ve held every job a writer can have since college. Reliable, genuine, and professional, I love helping people grow their businesses. Through my skills, the Ronald McDonald House Tampa received $50,000 for the Lightning Community Hero Award. I’ve also produced content for Colonial Van Lines, Junk King, and Reproductive Medicine Associates of New Jersey.
Deadlines met. Promises kept.

Keerapa Active Limited
Keerapa Active Proposal

Business proposal from Keerapa Active Limited to Africa Lake Amusements Limited

Giant Vapes

On a chilly fall night, just off a lonesome highway, strawberry met with tobacco and conspired to create something special.

Creative Loafing: Tampa Bay
Spandex and power suits: The modern age of costuming

Mandy Akins Aldrige has a dual identity. It's not a secret identity; her friends all know about it and the people she meets while doing it already know about it because they're doing it, too. Even her co-workers know about it, and the knowledge doesn't faze them one bit.