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J. Faith Almiron teaches and writes about art, culture and the social world. Her essays have appeared in museum catalogs such as the Guggenheim, Museum of Fine Arts-Boston, independent galleries, and arts and culture publications such as LA Review of Books's Avidly, Hyperallergic, and LitHub, among others. Projects have been featured on the New York Times Shortlist and Vanity Fair's Best of 2020 Books.

As a university professor at private and public institutions such as Columbia University (Institute for Research in African American Studies), Rutgers University (American Studies), and the University of Wisconsin at Madison (Afro-American Studies), she has edited countless pages of ugly writing by beautiful minds for over two decades. Her critical ethnic studies pedagogy and in-depth cultural and social analysis chops extend to her public work on popular culture and politics. Her students and readers alike feel the edge of her pen as a machete.

Born and raised in New York by Filipinx immigrants, Almiron's debut book manuscript offers a portrait of Haitian-Puerto Rican visual artist Jean-Michel Basquiat and his radical imagination. Her training includes a Ph.D. in American Studies (the University of Hawai'i at Manoa), an MA in Performance Studies (Tisch School of Arts, NYU), and a BA in African-American Studies & Fine Arts-Dance (Oberlin College). During her decade-long tenure in Honolulu, she was the jazz genre director and popular deejay and radio personality Makadangdang on KTUH-FM. She produced original content, regularly interviewed artists, musicians, and community organizers, and played a vinyl ton of Prince.


Editorial Essays

One Nation Under a Groove: Why We Danced in the Streets

Sorry not sorry, but the jubilation that erupted across the land was not really for Joe Biden. Upon crossing the 270 electoral votes threshold, the public enacted a necessary and cathartic release from the teeth of Trump's white-supremacist tyranny. We rose to meet the high stakes of the election with ballots and bodies on the line.

Literary Hub
On Eric Garner, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Police Brutality as American Tradition

In the ancient medical treatise on traditional Chinese medicine the Huangdi Neijing, written by the Chinese emperor Huangdi about 2600 BCE, the lung organ is a bridge between heaven and earth, and the initial vessel to receive pure energy, or qi: "When the lung is cold, then both outside and inside [transmission] have come together.

No One Owns Basquiat, Not Even Peter Brant

Brant has cogently influenced the legacy of Basquiat on several fronts, but the artist and his work remain gloriously defiant. When Jean-Michel Basquiat unseated his predecessor Andy Warhol as the number one American artist to command the highest auction price, Basquiat's confidante Suzanne Mallouk commented in a New York Times op-ed, "My first thought was that Jean would not have liked this.

Don't Walk Away from Me: A Ballad for Whitney Houston

In Honolulu - the underdog karaoke champion of the world - there is no hour that someone on the island is not honoring the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin, or her pop scion Whitney Houston, in the karaoke booth. Basking by the fluorescent glow of the television, your resident diva, local Filipinx sweetheart or, Samoan crooner is perfectly emulating Whitney's signature melisma.

Catalog Essays

Press Releases

The FilAm
"Fil-Am Road" Art exhibit opens July 13 at Karenderya Nyack

Karenderya, one of Esquire Magazine’s Top 20 new restaurants in America, will serve up food-for-thought with a new exhibition “Fil-Am Road,” featuring photography and paintings by Gloria and Vina Cacho Orden, and selected works from the collective, Baguio Group of Artists. It will be on view from July 13 to October 13, 2019.

Van Der Plas Gallery
With or Without Your Approval, Al Diaz is Here

Al Diáz/SAMO©/Wet Paint Collaborations (2015-Present) With or Without Your Approval, Al Diaz is Here Beyond SAMO© infamy with Basquiat, Van Der Plas Premiers Recent Works by Diaz and His New Street Army of Dissent Exhibition: Al Diaz/SAMO/Wet Paint: Collaborations (2015 to Present) Venue: Van Der Plas, 156 Orchard Street, NY 10002 Dates: September 9th to October 1st,2019 ( New York, NY-September 2nd, 2019) From September 9th to October 1st, Van Der Plas gallery presents Collaborations (2015...

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