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Versatile, client-focused communications specialist with a background in developing and executing communications plans for internal and external audiences. Exceptional writing and interpersonal communication skills of experience creating, proofreading, and editing copy for various channels to ensure a consistent voice. Skilled at taking complex concepts and making them easy to understand for a wide audience. Accustomed to working under tight deadlines and skilled in producing polished, crisp content, attracting readers, and building loyalty.

Offering 10+ years of experience in communications, journalism, copyediting, composition, and content creation. Highly adaptable when ascertaining, comprehending, and following project requirements and various style guidelines. Additional relationship-building skills and competitive intelligence, resulting in highly effective campaigns. Effective cross-communicator.

Active-duty military spouse with strong interpersonal skills. Well-versed in networking, building relationships, and team collaboration.

I believe that soft skills and EQ are as important as creative input and actively seek ways to develop both hard and soft skills. As a content specialist, I help lead client conversations and engage with partners in the organization to help cultivate change.

My years of professional remote work in the communications industry have helped create a strong foundation of superior organizational and interpersonal skills. I can self-start, along with setting and meeting deadlines. I appreciate long-range calendars, organization, and developing and implementing strategic plans.


Healthcare Writing

Focus on Emerging Technologies: 3D Printing Helps Offset PPE Gap

By: Jessica Evans October 1, 2020 Categories: AAMI News, Clinical, Early Career, Education & Academia, Executive , Health Technology Management, Individual Contributor, Information Technology, Manager or Director, Medical Device Manufacturers, Medical Device Manufacturing During the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare systems are under significant strain to address critical shortages of medical devices and personal protective equipment (PPE), creating an opportunity for on-demand solutions such as...

Focus on AI: Medical Imaging Cyber Threats May Be Thwarted with Help from AI

By: Jessica Evans Categories: AAMI News, Health Technology Management, Information Technology, Medical Device Manufacturing A team of researchers at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) have developed a new artificial intelligence solution to protect medical devices from malicious operating instructions in a cyberattack, as well as from human and system errors.

COVID-19 Lessons Learned Webinar: Perspectives from HTM, Sterilization and Infection Control

By: Jessica Evans On November 24, 2020, AAMI presented a panel session, COVID-19 Lessons Learned Webinar: Perspectives from HTM, Sterilization and Infection Control, which brought together representatives from those fields. Speakers Dr. Samantha Jacques, McLaren Health Care, Damien Berg, UCHealth Medical Center of the Rockies, and Bethany Phillips, Children's Health, talked about how their institutions have responded to the COVID crisis and what's been learned since the pandemic began.

Medical Device Industry Adapts to Post-Brexit Environment

By: Jessica Evans February 24, 2021 Categories: AAMI News, Government, Information Technology, Medical Device Manufacturing Five years after Brexit began, the European Union and the United Kingdom agreed upon a deal that would govern how they conduct business and other interactions, a including new regulations and measures between the traffic of funds, people, and objects between the now-separate nations.

Chatbots and Telehealth: Help or Hindrance?

By: Jessica Evans Medical chatbots serve as a way to triage and check patients before they arrive in an office. Bots ask questions about symptoms and provide automated responses to compile a sufficient medical history intake for the clinician.

The Future of Virtual Reality in HTM Training

By: Jessica Evans November 12, 2020 Using virtual reality to train HTM professionals could help offset expensive training costs to fly teams to training facilities and allows professionals to work on new skills without purchasing new equipment. VR offers a low-risk environment for HTM professionals to learn or relearn critical skills.

'Warrior Watch Study' Uses Wearable Devices to Examines COVID Stress

By: Jessica Evans November 18, 2020 Categories: AAMI News, Clinical, Early Career, Education & Academia, Executive , Health Technology Management, Individual Contributor, Information Technology, Manager or Director, Medical Device Manufacturers, Medical Device Manufacturing Researchers at Mount Sinai in New York are looking for volunteers to participate in the Warrior Watch Study , which is the first of its kind.

The Fox Group
Healthcare Feasibility Studies Overview - The Fox Group

Are you thinking about a healthcare feasibility study? You have an idea for a new line of service that will expand your healthcare business or you have a concept for a new ground-up project or perhaps, you are considering acquiring an existing healthcare operation.

Quesgen | Brain Health | TBI Research CRO
Top Brain Health research CRO focused on TBI research

For the past 10 years, QuesGen has had a significant focus on Brain Health research but more specifically, TBI Research. We have supported some of the leading TBI research studies including but not limited to TRACK-TBI, The NCAA*DOD CARE Consortium, and CENTER-TBI.

Military - Related Writing

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Jessica Evans

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The Military Wallet
VFW - Veterans of Foreign Wars Organization Overview

The Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) is an organization committed to advocating for the betterment of all veterans. This nonprofit veteran service organization includes eligible veterans of active, guard, and reserve components. After the Spanish-American War ended in 1898 and the Philippine Insurrection (1899-1902), many veterans arrived back home, wounded and sick.

The Military Wallet
American Legion Veterans Service Organization Overview

Chartered by Congress in 1919, the American Legion (AL) is America's largest wartime veterans service organization. AL advocates for patriotism and honor, promotes the need for strong national security, and is committed to mentoring youth and sponsors programs in local communities.

IN FOCUS: A Veteran's Perspective on Telehealth Challenges

By: Jessica Evans Retired Army Staff Sergeant Garld "JR" Graves entered the VA healthcare system in 2018 after transitioning from a decades-long career with the Department of Defense as an Air Traffic Controller (ATC). While describing his experiences with the VA as positive overall, Graves said he struggled to get in-person physical therapy for his elbow within the VA healthcare system during COVID-19.

The Military Wallet
Military Entrepreneur Programs & Resources

Table of Contents Small Business Administration Office of Veterans Business Development Association of Military Spouse Entrepreneurs Bunker Labs Patriot Boot Camp The Rosie Network Military Influencers Conference Instant Teams Wise Advise & Assist Additional Resources from The Military Wallet Military entrepreneurship is on the rise.

Generalized Content Writing

Peaks To Plains
Blog - Peaks To Plains

Dealing with noisy tenants is never something a landlord likes to deal with because disturbances can cost you time and money. However, it is an unavoidable part of property management for most Denver landlords. For this reason, it's important to learn how to effectively handle noise complaints. Noise complaints...

Creatitive | Web Strategy Consultant
Blog | Creatitive

Digital marketing is a broad landscape. Which area should you focus on to get more leads? What are the latest trends in marketing? Creatitive answers these and more. Check out our blog today.

Sam's No. 3
Sam's No. 3 - Denver's Best Diner

At Denver's Best Diner our menu is huge, and pretty much everything is delicious. We have locations in Denver, Aurora, and Glendale.

Ownership Experiences

An ownership experience begins the moment a customer purchases a product and continues through the lifetime of ownership. Registria integrates the brand into that experience, personalizing timely interactions that engage the owner with the brand, and beyond the product. From product notifications to service recommendations to subsequent offers, the brand leverages moments that engender owner satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy.