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Lawrence Voytek, The Art Fabricator of Robert Rauschenberg

It is really unfortunate that my iTouch St. Tropez did not record the one-hour uninterrupted art talk given on Friday, December 5th, 2014 by artist Lawrence Voytek during ArtSpot Miami 2014. I found out that the microphone was broken, after all these years of recording monologues and doing many interviews, I just ordered a new one.

The Spiritual Journalist
Arun Gandhi

The Spiritual Journalist Interviews Arun Gandhi, Spanish Language

The Spiritual Journalist

Gloria Estefan and Jesus Rojas Torres

This I
The Opportunity To Exist

This is Rojas Torres' first published essay about modern values and spirituality. He crafted his writings using ideas and reflections from Evolutionary Enlightenment, Integral Life, Words of Peace Global, Jiddu Krishnamurti, Osho and Maharaji. In 2007, Rojas Torres assisted for the first time to a spiritual retreat "The Authetic Self" in Lenox, MA with American spiritual teacher Andrew Cohen, founder of EnlightenNext. Rojas Torres was highly influenced by the evolutionary concepts...

Spotlight On: Yovani Bauta

Rojas Torres interviews Cuban-born artist and art professor, Yovani Bauta for an exclusive WUM Interview. Bauta donated a 72 x 48 "Jesus' Portrait, 2010" an acrylic and oil on canvas to Rojas Torres' private collection.

Irreversible Magazine/WUM/
Aldo Castillo Profile in Irreversible Magazine

Photo by Jesus Rojas Torres For the ArteBA 2011 edition of Irreversible Magazine, Rojas Torres interviews art dealer Aldo Castillo for an experimental cross-promotional project between WUM and Irreversible Magazine publishing articles in both platforms, print and online. The exclusive interview was also published in WUM and Rojas Torres' art column at

What's Up LA?

Photo credit: Jesus Rojas Torres

WUM/Eclectic Network Magazine
WUM Travels To China

Photo credit: Jesus Rojas Torres This is the second opportunity in less than 6 months that Rojas Torres and his blog-turned online journal travel to Shanghai to cover China's most important art fairs. Under the auspices of Aldo Castillo, associate director of the Latin American Pavilion at Art Shanghai 2012, WUM is invited as a media organization to report about the fair for the Western world. To operate and publish in China, Rojas Torres signed up for a VPN Proxy Server which allow...

Ben Abounassif Solo Show at ICON South Beach

This is Rojas Torres' first effort to create a platform to give underrepresented or less than emergent artists, a place to exhibit their events and exhibitions. WHATS UP MIAMI was created to help former business partner, Ben Abounassif who along Rojas Torres and Sinuhe Vega Leiter owned the Belle Meade underground art gallery, Leiter Gallery inaugurated in 2006. Rojas Torres' event and publicity company, Eclectic Network Inc. was incorporated in 2007.

Jesus Rojas Torres' Birthday Celebration at SeaFair

In November 2010, art dealer Aldo Castillo introduced Rojas Torres to Lee Ann Lester, the owner of International Fine Art Expositions. The meeting took place at Joey's in Wynwood in which Rojas Torres offered his services as a freelance journalist to the art fair owner whose original "Art Miami" opened the art market scene in the 90's. In January 2011, Rojas Torres' website WHATS UP MIAMI became an exhibitor placed in a booth among the Miami museums at the entrance of the fair at the...