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Dance Journalism, Freelance Artist

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Ms. Ruhlin is a professional dancer, teacher, choreographer, and artist. She received a BA in Dance Pedagogy with a double emphasis in ballet and jazz from Butler University in 2008. She danced professionally with the Louisville Ballet Company, Roxey Ballet, Missouri Ballet Theatre, Common Thread Contemporary Dance Company, and as a freelancer in New York City. She has danced in works by some of the top choreographers in the field including Lila York, Val Caniparoli, Andre Prokovsky, Jessica Lang, and Uri Sands. Her commercial dance experience ranges from backup dancing for Aretha Franklin to comedian Hannibal Buress' 'Ballerina Rap' on tour. Her choreography has been presented nationally by RAW Artists, Regional Dance America, and with grants awarded by the Regional Arts Commission and the Missouri Arts Council. She is an experienced teacher in ballet, jazz, modern, musical theater, and movement therapy through the nationally-accredited Center of Creative Arts in St. Louis, and in a variety of health facilities including centers for the deaf, eating disorder clinics, and in senior living homes. Outside of the United States, she has taught and studied in St. Petersburg, Russia, Spain, and Uganda. Research through Washington University includes the imipact of dance on Parkinson's disease, and brain damage reversal in cases of dementia through the practice of classical ballet. Her writing and art has been featured on a variety of blogs, and in print and online in various publications. She is the founder and editor of Bodies Never Lie, covering dance in both concert and popular culture. Ms. Ruhlin is also a member of AFTRA.
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Purple Clover
Birds of a Feather

I left home at 15 to study dance at a boarding school for the arts in Northern Michigan, and somewhere around the same time, not so coincidentally, my father began an obsession with putting multiple bird feeders in our backyard. Whenever I'd come home, he'd excitedly call me over to the kitchen window to point out a cardinal or goldfinch.

Gymnastics Vs. Dance

Thanks to a summer filled with 200+ kids in beginner dance and music camps, intensives, lectures, and demonstrations I have absolutely seen my fill of that hideous gymnastics trick, the chinstand. I've also therefore, seen my fill of little girl underwear since they do these backbreakers regardless of the fact that they're usually outfitted in crocks and a dress.

English Muse
Kids say the Darndest Things

Hello all- Miss Jess here that's my teacher name- I apologize for the slightly belated post- my computer is acting up. Someone needs a time-out! I teach a beginner modern class for seven to ten year old in the 'Horton Style'.

The List of Hipster Baby Ballerina Names is Out and it's worse than you imagined

Despite how very very excellent I am at opening sentences and intros like this gem, I am truly terrible at coming up with titles. Titles for poems, for choreography, for posts, it is as T.S. Eliot wrote in 'Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats', the naming of things (cats or blog posts) is a difficult matter.

Get Involved: Weddings at Work

Say "I Do" to these organizations to help local couples in need. Planning a wedding can be one of the most exciting experiences of a lifetime-that is, if you're lucky. But, sometimes life is unpredictable, and getting to that happily ever after is more difficult than expected, or even impossible.

Audience Etiquette; How to attend a Show

Going to the theater isn't the same as going to a sports event or watching the television at home. Therefore the expectations on the audience members is also different. Here are a few guidelines on how to behave, not annoy the dancers, crew, and everyone around you: 1.

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