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Communications Director

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Currently Communications Director at American Transparency, a nonprofit organization in Chicago, IL. Previously Hillsdale College journalism student, editor at the Hillsdale Collegian, a copywriter for the Hillsdale College marketing department, and a world news intern at the Washington Times.


Communications Director at American Transparency

Trump's Lean White House 2018 Payroll On-Track To Save Taxpayers $22 Million

President Trump's White House payroll has 374 employees, that's 95 fewer staffers than Barack Obama at the same point in their presidencies. The Trump White House workforce runs 20 percent leaner. White House staff experienced 39-percent turnover during the last 12-months. Of the 377 employees last year, only 229 remain.

Washington Examiner
Trump needs a Bridge to Nowhere moment on spending

While the nation was distracted by the political theater around immigration before the July 4 recess, the Senate cast a critical vote killing a very modest attempt offered by President Trump to rein in spending. If Trump plays his cards right, this will not be the end of a fight but its start.

Three Steps Toward a More Transparent Government | RealClearPolitics

It's national Sunshine Week across America, sponsored by the American Society of News Editors. It's a week for government watchdog groups like ours,, as well as journalists, to call for open government and transparency. Much of the information we uncover isn't pretty, which is why so many government officials prefer to keep some things hidden.

World News Intern at the Washington Times

The Washington Times
Olympics considering returning softball in 2020

After 12 years on the bench, softball is eyeing its second at-bat on the Olympic stage - a prospect that reignites the dreams of female players worldwide to bring home the gold. The International Olympic Committee will decide Wednesday whether softball will make its comeback in the 2020 Tokyo Summer Games.

The Washingtion Times
Venezuelan American Leadership Council rallies against Nicolas Maduro's socialist regime

Though he now lives in the District of Columbia, the economic and political crisis ravaging his native country is hitting close to home for Carlos Marquez. The executive director of the fledgling Venezuelan American Leadership Council recalls a conversation a few weeks ago when he offered to send his father some money to help buy food.

The Washingtion Times
Peru elections: Keiko Fujimori-Pedro Pablo Kuczynski runoff offers no leftist candidate

The shift away from leftist rule in Latin America will take another step forward Sunday as Peruvian voters choose between two center-right candidates to succeed President Ollanta Humala. Although the candidates offer similar pro-market economic agendas, some fear the front-runner, Keiko Fujimori, would move the country back toward the policies of her polarizing father, imprisoned former President Alberto Fujimori.

The Washingtion Times
Flag Day big business for D.C.-area vexillologists

Do you have vexillology questions? Head to Tenleytown, where you will find Brittany and Brian Sobotka nestled in the back office of Kengla Flag Co.: They're the ones to ask. Vexillology is the study of flags. Although Tuesday will be only the second Flag Day Mrs.

The Washingtion Times
ISIS tells recruits in West to stay put, conduct attacks

The threat of Islamic State-inspired terrorist strikes in the U.S. and Europe will persist for years despite steady territorial and troop losses at the jihadis' base in Iraq and Syria, the Obama administration's lead official in the fight said Tuesday.

Copywriter for the Hillsdale College Marketing Department

Hillsdale College
A Heart for Helping People - Hillsdale College

Written by Jessie Fox Senior exercise-science major Shannon O'Hearn always had a heart for helping people, and her fascination with anatomy led her to believe that she belongs in the medical field. This belief was confirmed the night she saved a man's life.

Hillsdale College
Taking a "Chance" on Hillsdale - Hillsdale College

Written by Jessie Fox Upon transferring from Western Michigan University to Hillsdale College this year, Chance Stewart may have lost his brand new car, but he gained the close-knit academic and football atmosphere that's right for him. It was during his freshman year at Sturgis High School when Chance realized that playing Division I football would be an opportunity for him.

Hillsdale College
Connecting Students and Alumni - Hillsdale College

Written by Jessie Fox Twenty-seven years later, Joanna Wiseley still remembers exactly what she wore when she interviewed to be the director of admissions for her alma mater, Hillsdale College. "I was a nervous wreck that day," she laughs.

Editor and Reporter at the Hillsdale Collegian

Hillsdale Collegian
Alum Viviano wins re-election to Michigan Supreme Court

Justice David Viviano '94 and Justice Joan Larsen won re-election to the Michigan Supreme Court Tuesday evening. "I'm just really appreciative and humble to have the support of so many great people across the state," Viviano told The Collegian. With 92 percent of precincts reporting, Viviano is leading his Democratic opponent Wayne County Judge Frank S.

Hillsdale Collegian
Artists among us: Isaac Dell - Hillsdale Collegian

Folded in his lap, peeking out from his flannel sleeves, are the two agents of junior Isaac Dell's cre­ativity: his hands. Though Dell started sculpting just a year ago, he's already placed in mul­tiple com­pe­ti­tions. Last year, his bust of Abraham Lincoln placed first in the fall student showcase and his female figure placed third ...

Hillsdale Collegian
More students living off campus than ever

Some junior men said they are unsatisfied with housing options, after not receiving an assigned room on campus for the 2016-2017 academic year, making them find housing elsewhere. Although the Hillsdale College website's residential life page says students are "guaranteed a room in a residence hall for all four years," administrators said growing freshman classes and high retention rates have decreased the number of beds available to upperclassmen.

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