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Australian Music News | AAA BACKSTAGE
Live Review: Falls Festival, Lorne 2017

Emerging onto the summer festival scene 25 years ago, Falls Festival Lorne has become a beacon of soggy tents and wicked music. Placed delicately in the Great Otway National Park, Falls is flanked by rocky outcrops and dense bushland. Rolling up to the site, winding roads held cars donning hyperactive youth, vodka-stuffed sleeping bags and the air of something special.

Australian Music News | AAA BACKSTAGE
Interview: Evanescence

Making the jump from grunge-rock gigs to theatrical arena shows, Evanescence are back in Australia ahead of their 'Synthesis' tour. With their brand-new concept in tow, I sat down with guitarist and female front-girl, Jen Majura, to discuss the evolution of Evanescence, their upcoming Australian tour and being a woman in music.

Australian Music News | AAA BACKSTAGE
Live Review: Alice Cooper w/ Ace Frehley @ Rod Laver Arena - 20.10.2017

Alice Cooper may have set himself up for high standards during his live performances over the years, which, given his age, you could be lead to believe would be a detriment to his reputation. However, if Cooper proved anything at Rod Laver Arena, it's that the master of gothic rock is just that, a master.

Australian Music News | AAA BACKSTAGE
Live Review: Vance Joy w/ Gretta Ray @ The Forum - 22.11.2017

There's an odd familiarity with Melbourne's golden boy, Vance Joy. Whether it's his floppy grin, curly hair or propensity for catapulting folk tales into number one hits, Joy's charming relatability is a must-see on stage. This week, die-hard fans packed into The Forum to watch their old friend play some new tunes from his upcoming album, 'Nation of Two.'

Australian Music News | AAA BACKSTAGE
Live Review: The Internet @ Forum Theatre - 31.01.2018

The magnetic, soul-funk group known as The Internet took to the stage at Melbourne's Forum Theatre, ahead of their Laneway Festival appearance this summer. After their record-breaking 2015 album, 'Ego Death' the Odd Future crew have spent the last two years delving into solo projects and proving how each of them stand on their own two feet.

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Live Review: Stevie Nicks & The Pretenders @ Rod Laver Arena - 16.11.17

It was surprising to hear that Stevie Nicks and Chrissie Hynde had never collaborated musically prior to their 24 Karat Gold tour. On stage at Rod Laver Arena, the pair complemented each other beautifully. Nicks is the bohemian drifter, Hyde is the turbulent nonconformist and both of them are rock n' roll's finest.

Australian Music News | AAA BACKSTAGE
Interview: Peter Mayes of PNAU

Despite having four euphoric albums under their belt, PNAU shows no sign of slowing down and neither does their frontman, Peter Mayes. Speaking to me from his LA studio, Mayes talks 'Changa,' PNAU's elusive music style and how breaking into illegal raves at age 14 inspired their latest record.

Australian Music News | AAA BACKSTAGE
Live Review: Wafia w/ Buoy @ Corner Hotel - 05.10.2017

Few can so gracefully command the attention of a packed house at Corner Hotel like Brisbane-born songstress, Wafia. Gently taking the stage with her trademark tussled hair and hoop earrings, Wafia put on one of her best performance to date, proving that this is only the beginning of her artistic ascent.

Australian Music News | AAA BACKSTAGE
Q & A: Tina Arena

What's there to be said about the illustrious Tina Arena that hasn't already been said? A career spanning decades and still Arena is breaking grounds and making headlines across the world. Speaking of which, the Australian artist made a surprise appearance at Splendour in the Grass to perform a few tracks with Client Liaison to incredible praise.

Australian Music News | AAA BACKSTAGE
Interview: LANKS

It's no secret that the Australian music industry has been spoilt for choice in the last year, and Will Cuming, aka LANKS, is no exception. After the release of his third EP, 'Viet Rose' in 2016, the Melbourne-born producer/vocalist has launched his highly anticipated single, Comfortable and cemented himself as a staple of Aussie music.

BeatRoute Magazine
Emily Rowed Finds Her Sweet Spot

With the release of her new EP, Electric Heart, Rowed has well and truly marked a career departure. Drenched in robust beats and synth waves, it's hard to imagine her as a folk artist. Rowed explains how a self-proclaimed hippie child fell down the proverbial pop rabbit hole.

Australian Music News | AAA BACKSTAGE
Q & A: Tim Wheatley

After moving to Los Angeles 5 years ago, Tim Wheatley has returned to Australia to bring us his tender new album, 'Pillar to Post.' The alt/folk musician is no novice to the rock music scene, after playing under the pseudonym, Crooked Saint for two years; his first solo album 'Cast of Yesterday' cemented Wheatley as a master of the nostalgic narrative.

Taylor Magazine
Please Like Me: Why We Love This Hilariously Awkward But Honest Show

If you haven't yet heard of Please Like Me, prepare to experience the full realm of 20-something awkwardness in all its hysterical glory. Thanks to the Australian grown comedian/actor/writer/director Josh Thomas, this true-to-life comedy encompasses all things millennial, including LGBTQI relationships, mental illness and a charmingly unrefined look at the realities of young people today.

Elite Daily
14 Struggles Every Coffee Shop Barista Deals With On A Daily Basis

Working as a barista can be a tough gig. It takes early mornings, weekend work and, in some cases, all the patience in the world to deal with the customers. Here are 14 struggles anyone who's worked with coffee before can relate to: The urban coffee consumer is a creature of habit, and as such, the regulars are those guys we see every single day: rain, hail or shine.

Thought Catalog
This Is Why Wanderlust Is The Best Solution To A Terrible Breakup

We've all been there. A breakup can persuade even the strongest of people to grab a pint-sized tub of ice cream, cocoon themselves in bed and spend the next few weeks binge-watching House Of Cards. Despite the fact that this can be a real break-up right of passage for some, there's other ways to soothe a broken heart.

Elite Daily
Times Two: 10 Reasons Being A Lesbian Isn't All It's Cracked Up To Be

Jessie Castle in Women As the resident gay of my group, I all too often hear the phrase, "I wish I were gay! Ugh, I hate men." But, oh, my dear hetero-sisters, how wrong you are. I'm here to break the sad truth to you: The reality of women is that they're beautiful, complex, emotional and not-to-be-f*cked with creatures.