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I'm a passionate and experienced content specialist with a keen eye for detail and the ability to transform my writing style to suit your ideal audience.

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We use ground-breaking nano-technology that effectively coats the surface of your vehicle, providing protection from the elements. No matter the level of protection you're looking for and for which type of vehicle, our wide selection of coatings means we have something to suit your needs.

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Creating Digital Student Communities for Education Lead Generation

Date posted: August 9, 2017 What is a digital community? While there is no single definition, and much will depend on your student base and its needs, a digital community is made up of current and prospective students and the voices behind your school's online channels like your social media accounts, blogs, and website.

Event Leadership Institute
A Quick Guide to Key Social Media Channels for Event Profs

Event marketing is an essential step in pulling off a fantastic event. Not only can it help spread awareness about the event, but it can also help you engage attendees before arrival, disseminate important information, and more! And yet, many event planners leave social media as an afterthought when it should really be at the forefront of an event management and marketing strategy.

Education Marketing | Google Analytics | SEO | Higher Education Marketing
Using Snapchat's New Self-Serve Social Ads for Recruiting Students

Date posted: July 12, 2017 While plenty of schools are using Snapchat as part of their organic social media strategy, not many are running paid ads on the platform. Because advertising on Snapchat has always involved high costs and a complicated set-up process, many schools opted for other easier-to-use, cheaper social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Gentlemen's House of Grooming
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Experience the difference a classically-trained barber makes at Gentlemen's House of Grooming, your Port Coquitlam barber. Paying tribute to the art of traditional barbering, Gentlemen's House of Grooming is changing the barbering industry, raising the bar to an unmatched level of craftsmanship, care, and precision.

Education Marketing | Google Analytics | SEO | Higher Education Marketing
5 Common Education Landing Page Mistakes That Are Hurting Your Conversion Rate

Date posted: September 6, 2017 While there are many organic ways to recruit students through digital marketing, one of the best tactics for getting results quickly and efficiently is to use paid advertising campaigns on platforms such as Google, Bing, and Facebook.

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