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Recorded Future
Verizon DBIR Shines a Light on Identity Compromises

Verizon recently released its 15th annual Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR). 2022 has already been a major year for cyber attacks, and the headlines have reflected that, with well-publicized attacks on cloud systems and the supply chain making news around the world.

Recorded Future
Recorded Future & Okta: Reducing Identity Compromise | Recorded Future

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) solutions make accessing business-critical infrastructure and customer-facing applications more secure, but they are limited in ensuring identities haven't been compromised. With user credentials and session cookies readily available on the dark web, it's easy for cybercriminals to get their hands on the kind of corporate data that lets them bypass MFA.

Level Up Digital Asset Management

In just a decade, the attack surface has grown by a factor of ten. The threat landscape expands rapidly - while the number of cyber attacks are unprecedented with continually shifting tactics. To effectively protect your organization and its digital assets, you need to identify emerging threats - wherever they originate - and understand the complete storyline of an attack.

Recorded Future
5 Questions to Ask When Evaluating Brand Protection Solutions

Critical to protecting your organization's reputation and trust, and so much more, brand protection services can be a challenge to evaluate. These key five questions will help you find the right brand protection solution for your current and future use cases.

Too Much, Too Little, or Just Right: How to Spot the Signs of Synthetic Identity Fraud

Synthetic identity fraud is a steadily growing risk that proves costly. The financial services industry has been hit hard, with institutions enduring $20 billion in synthetic identity losses. And with Forbes rating synthetic identity fraud as a top five cybersecurity trend to watch in 2022, it’s high time to address this threat. Let’s dig into synthetic identity fraud, telltale signs to identify it, and how you (and your business) can detect and avoid this activity.

Why DevOps Needs Cloud-Native Backup and Recovery | Trilio

Organizations are finding that DevOps and cloud-native technologies fit hand-in-glove to promote greater collaboration. One cloud-native technology that is all too often overlooked is cloud-native backup. Cloud-native backup explicitly designed for the cloud is critical for applications and services running in distributed environments.

Why Backup and Recovery Are Critical for NFV Workloads | Trilio

Why Backup Is Critical for NFVs VNFs and CNFs are typically thought of as stateless workloads, because network data and packets have a very short shelf life. However, before you write off backup and recovery for NFV, you need to take into account that there are elements within stateless workloads that very much need backup.

Legacy Data Protection Solutions Can't Keep Up in Kubernetes | Trilio

1. Cloud-native and native integration with Kubernetes TrilioVault for Kubernetes (TVK) is cloud-native - built specifically for the cloud and designed for optimal performance in the cloud and containerized environments. In contrast, legacy enterprise data protection solutions weren't built for the cloud. Legacy backup solutions that try to support Kubernetes workloads make managing Kubernetes more difficult.

6 Backup Features You Need (and can't find in Velero) | Trilio

1. Application-centric discovery and backup TrilioVault for Kubernetes provides application-centric backup. TrilioVault backup features allow you to backup and restore all data, metadata and Kubernetes objects associated with the application. Velero can only handle namespace-level backup and backup by labels.

Cyber Attacks Against State and Local Governments Surge

Cyber attacks against state and local governments have been dramatically increasing. In 2019 alone, there were 140 ransomware attacks - an average of 3 per day - targeting public, state and local government and healthcare providers. This is up 65% from the previous year.

POS Malware Exploits Weakness in Gas Station Networks

Who would have thought that the riskiest part of your day would be gassing up your car? Risky for your wallet, anyway. VISA recently reported that gas stations across North America are facing a spree of cyber attacks wherein attackers deploy point-of-sale (POS) malware on gas station networks with the goal of harvesting credit card information.

What the WHO Attack Teaches Us About Redefining Risk

As governments, organizations and individuals around the world grapple with unprecedented and rapidly evolving circumstances, opportunistic cyber attackers are making moves. According to , a group of attackers launched a phishing campaign earlier this month targeting the World Health Organization (WHO).

Data Breach at Desjardins Bank Caused by Malicious Insider

The largest federal credit union in North America, Canadian bank Desjardins Group, was the victim of a data breach that leaked information on 2.9 million members. While member passwords, security questions and PINs weren't compromised, the leak did reveal sensitive data like names, addresses, birth dates, social insurance numbers (the Canadian equivalent of the social security number), email addresses and information on transaction habits for individual members.

Why aren't there more women in cybersecurity?

Even among technical fields, cybersecurity is known for having few women -- in entry-level positions and up through the ranks. A recent study from Gartner Research on women in cybersecurity found that male security executives outnumbered female executives by 2.8 to one.

Salesforce Trailhead gets social boost for admins, developers

Fotolia News Stay informed about the latest enterprise technology news and product updates. Salesforce recently released two new features for its training platform, Salesforce Trailhead: a publicly displayed skills graph and the option for admins, developers and other certified pros to create a vanity URL.

Cloud Migration Models: How to Pick the Right Strategy

Organizations migrate their legacy applications to the cloud for reasons as diverse as the companies themselves. The cloud has become synonymous with progress in the business world. It allows companies to get closer to their customers than ever before, move at the speed of the market, focus their staff on innovation, and much more.

Shifting to SaaS: Why Move Back-Office Apps to the Cloud

"Shift to SaaS" is a cloud migration model to consider when you want to free your IT team from maintaining applications that are not customer-facing. Read on to learn why you should move back-office applications to SaaS. Back-office applications suck a lot of time and resources from your IT team.

When to Adopt the Lift and Shift Cloud Migration Model

If you are looking to get out of the datacenter and stop managing hardware, Lift and Shift might be your best approach. The Lift and Shift model offers the fastest and the least disruptive method to migrate to the cloud, allowing applications to have higher performance at a low upfront cost.

Run a hackathon event that pays off -- and draws women

CIOs take note. Hackathons are more than just a chance for budding software engineers to strut their stuff. According to Shahram Ebadollahi, vice president of innovations and chief science officer for IBM Watson Health, a hackathon event -- properly designed -- can be a prime tool for companies to introduce new people to their technology products, recruit top talent and get ideas for future projects.

IoT Agenda
Pool pump motor shows off end-to-end implementation with IoT platform

At Oracle OpenWorld 2015, Regal Beloit, Optimal Design, mFrontiers and Oracle showcased an end-to-end Internet of Things (IoT) implementation -- all at one booth. The booth displayed a V-Green Variable Speed Product, a pool pump motor connected to Wi-Fi via a V-Link Wireless Adapter.

IOUG president champions resilience in the IT profession

Maria Anderson, president of the Independent Oracle Users Group (IOUG), didn't start out in the IT profession. Rather, she studied psychology, so the path to her current job as database team leader for Suncor, an energy company in Calgary, Alberta, wasn't straightforward. Anderson described herself as having a "split personality" when it comes to her interests.

GLX-D Advanced Provides Simple Wireless for Houses of Worship

The difference between the audio needs of a house of worship and a concert hall goes beyond the placement of the speakers or whether the mics are optimized for speech or music. A house of worship - be it a church, a synagogue, a mosque, a temple, or something else - isn't a business.

Designing AV Systems with Great Audio Quality on a Budget

In theory, decision-makers want to use "the latest and greatest" audio products. Integrators, however, often face the harsh reality of actual design and implementation costs versus customer budget restrictions when designing an AV system. Oftentimes integrators, consultants, and AV/IT technology experts must position themselves cautiously when presenting a more costly high-tech solution to decision-makers.

Five Tips to Improve Conference Call Audio

Often, when people think of sound in meetings, they think of crinkling candy wrappers and tapping fingers. Distractions. Audio technology, however, is the most important element of a conference call. When used properly, it ensures that the right sounds are the focus of the call, not the distractions.

DH2i containerization software gets Westminster, Colo., to clustering

Faced with rising server configuration costs, the City of Westminster, Colo., chose DH2i containerization software to save money while clustering its more than 30 SQL Server systems. Westminster began using DH2i containerization software, DxEnterprise, after a change in Microsoft's licensing policy made its previous server configuration too expensive.

Oracle, Rimini fight on over copyright-infringement ruling

Seth Ravin, CEO of Rimini Street Inc., and Jim Maroulis, managing counsel for Oracle, stood in the same courtroom... in Las Vegas on Oct. 13 when a federal jury announced its verdict in the latest installment of the five-year-old copyright-infringement battle between Oracle and the third-party support company.