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I write. I read. I travel. I love.



Pink Magazine
Michelle Ehmann: Reasons to Smile

There are countless benefits to smiling: smiles have been proven to positively affect mood, reduce stress, strengthen immune system responses, increase empathy, and bolster confidence. Between the ages of sixteen and twenty-one, Michelle Ehmann was trapped in a toxic and abusive relationship, one that robbed her of her self-esteem, self-worth, and much of her social support network.

Pink Magazine
Organ and Tissue Donation: A Life-Saving Conversation

For decades, Charlotte L'Oste-Brown led an active, busy life. In addition to managing a 15,000 square foot greenhouse in her hometown of Hazenmore, Saskatchewan, the spirited mother of two also coached softball, served on the local school board, and was known and admired for her energetic and affable personality. In June 2003, life as she knew it changed forever.

Pink Magazine
Lucinda Leontowich: Razor Sharp

The art of barbering has enjoyed a recent surge in popularity, with barbershops making a global comeback. Despite its apparent trendiness, though, the barbershop tradition has stood the test of time and has remained largely unchanged for generations.

Pink Magazine
Different, Not Less: The Autism Resource Centre

"I am different, not less." These are the words of Dr. Temple Grandin, an international autism advocate, public speaker, author, and livestock handling expert. Grandin, who was diagnosed with autism as a child, has devoted her life to the joint study of psychology and animal science, and is widely recognized as a leader in both fields.

Pink Magazine
The Princess Shop: More Than a Dress

Graduation day is a special time in every young woman's life. Standing in front of her family, friends, and peers, she celebrates her accomplishments and looks ahead to the future and opportunities to come. For most, the day is filled with glitz, glamour, laughter, and a photo album of happy memories. Unfortunately, this is not the case for everyone.

Pink Magazine
Laura Hamilton: Created By Heart, Painted By Soul

American author Brene Brown once said, "Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity, and change." This rings especially true for Moose Jaw artist Laura Hamilton, whose journey to embracing her creativity and artistic ability has been one marked by introspection and self-awareness.


SuRe InnoVations
SuRe InnoVations: Life Reimagined

From home theatres to architectural lighting and shading, we believe in designing inspiring, functional, and liveable spaces.

Essence Recruitment
Essence Recruitment

We believe that the recruitment process should be personalized, friendly, and worry-free. Our comprehensive, custom fit approach will guarantee that you find a leader or a career that fits.

Lows In Motion
The Lows In Motion Parkinson's "Shaker"

Lows in Motion is not your typical fundraiser; it's a unique and energetic "Shaker" - pun intended. Our annual event provides an opportunity for community members to unite in the fight against Parkinson's disease (PD), with all funds raised going to Parkinson Society Saskatchewan (PSS).


Little Writer, Big World
Losing My Religion

As I've mentioned before , a writer's homework is reading. Since moving to Australia, I made the conscious decision to incorporate more Australian literature into my homework routine. This also doubles as a measure of my cultural competency: where once I used to trip over "textas" and "trackie dacks," I've now mastered many of Australia's colloquialisms. (I think) thats a good thing.

The Lost Girl's Guide to Finding the World
Five Reasons Why Your Next Flight Should Be To Sri Lanka

If you'd asked me two months ago what I knew and thought of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka (let's call it 'Sri Lanka' for simplicity's sake), I'd offer up words like "beachy," "hot," and "India-ish."

Travel & Happiness
Unpacking Happiness: The Importance of Curiosity

Growing up, I never much fancied the idea of travel. I was - and, in many regards, still am - a creature of habit, of comfort, and of home. I would wonder, out loud and in private: why propel yourself into chaos and culture shock when the people and places you love most are within arm's reach?