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Chantico Agave

Chantico - named after the Aztec goddess of fires in the family hearth and of precious things - is a natural, healthy alternative to sugar and honey.


Based on a 400-year-old trading history between South Asia and Nordic countries, the name Trankebar comes from the unique seashore trading post in the city of Tharangampadi, as it is known in local dialect, and Tranquebar, in European discourse.

Espo's Italian - Ristorante Famiglia

Does your family have a legend or a secret? We have one, and it has burgeoned into a dream over the course of a lifetime. From Napoli to America, my family is made up of generations of Italian cooks.

How Women Are Changing the Middle East | Levantine Cultural Center

By Jessica Proett, staff writer Levantine Review Albert Einstein said, "New frameworks are like climbing mountains-the larger view encompasses, rather than rejects, the earlier more restricted view." According to Isobel Coleman, senior fellow for U.S.

Modern Arabic Short Stories | Levantine Cultural Center

A collection of twelve stories from the Levant to the Gulf captures the Arab world Reviewed by Jessica Proett A glistening iron gate, a gleaming bronze body, radiant white light, a marble staircase and red carpets are some of the images that immediately draw the reader into the short story "At the Theatre" by Idwar al-Kharrat, where the first sentence is "Masks are the temptations of truth."

Deconstructing "Arab Rage" | Levantine Cultural Center

By Jessica Proett During a two-hour talk in Paris last week, internationally acclaimed writer and Islam scholar Reza Aslan challenged the way we view violent protests against the "Innocence of Muslims" film in Libya, Egypt and elsewhere in the MENA.

On Skeletons and Wastelands

by Jessica Proett - for Seba, and her art. Her paintbrush reminds me of a skeleton's wrist, finger joints, or individual ribs... A wasteland is not this or that I associated it with in a campus courtyard under fallen leaves; it is what I've read and rewritten each time I feel Time slipping away.

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