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Freelance Travel and Business Writer

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Jessica O'Neill is a Canadian writer living in London. She writes articles across a wide breadth of topics, and she loves museums, craft beer and petting your dog.

Pro Breeze
A 7-Step Guide to Buying an Air Purifier in 2018 | Home and Office

Our team here at Pro Breeze has compiled a brief guide designed to help you buy an air purifier in 2018. The guide takes you through the different types of air filters, what they remove from the air and which air purifier is right for specific conditions, such as Asthma, Hay Fever, Mould...

The Ultimate Reykjavik Craft Beer Crawl -

It's no surprise that Iceland is one of the most exciting travel destinations for people who love the great outdoors, but more and more people are drawn to this Nordic nation for its more urban attractions.

The Tyee
Vancouver's Dirty History: A Tour Guide's Plea | The Tyee

As the days grow longer and (hopefully) drier, a time of year that lines the pockets of my fellow tour guides begins again in Vancouver: Tourist Season. With more than 5 million people expected to visit this spring and summer, the tour buses and sightseeing trollies become a familiar sight on the city's streets.
Sailing through the Maldives on a budget? It's possible -

Sailing through the Maldives on a budget? It's possible When most people think of the idyllic Maldivian archipelago, they envision private islands, overwater bungalows and a price tag that would make even a millionaire blush. I am here to tell you that travelling on a (reasonable) budget in this paradisiacal locale is possible -and amazing.

Vancouver Was Awesome - The Pigs of Save On Meats

When asked why he thinks that Vancouverites are suddenly so nostalgic about neon signs, curator Christian Dahlberg replies "It's simple. Neon reminds us of a time when the local shopkeeper knew your name, when the same mom and pop business had been in your neighbourhood for 30 years and watched your kids grow up.

Around the World in Vancouver

Vancouver is a vibrant city that has long been celebrated for its cultural diversity. Since the city was founded in 1888, it has become home to myriad immigrant groups that have gone on to shape the unique character of the city.