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The Unplug Initiative
The Heaviness of Impermanence

We are not permanent;We're Temporary, TemporarySame old story -Foo Fighters, "The Pretender" I made a major life change in August of 2019. I moved to Indiana, from my home state of Tennessee, to support my boyfriend, as he finished his engineering degree at Purdue University.

How Micro-Accomplishments Made Me Feel Better on a Bad Day

I had a bad day recently. Not just any bad day. A bad day caused by massive insomnia from the night before. When I'm sleep deprived, I'm irritable, prone to depressed moods, hard to reason with, and incompetent. I felt a duty to certain personal goals and chores for the day, yet I was unable to do them.

The Unplug Initiative
I Tried Breaking My Phone Addiction for 10 Days

I started an initiative for myself-an unplug initiative, if you will- to use social media and my smartphone less. The reasons were numerous and the effects were concerning: shorter attention span, need for instant gratification, using my phone to distract myself from my real feelings, spending far too much time scrolling endlessly, sad or pissed off at the end of the day anyway.

Do What Gives You Light

In my ever-evolving journey to be a new and self-improved me, I've pondered many existential questions, like, "what the heck are we all doing here?" I decided that the gravitas of such a question was beyond my capabilities, so I personalized it into: "what the heck am I doing here?"

The Bare Minimum Method of Self-Care

If you're involved in any mental health or inspirational community online, you've likely seen the term self-care. We all probably have an idea of what it is. After all, it doesn't take a Ph.D to deduce that the words self and care probably have something to do with taking care of yourself.

Health and Wellness

The Unplug Initiative
The Nutrition and Supplement Plan that Improved My Mental Health (Including No More Brain Fog)

My struggle with Borderline Personality Disorder and anxiety have felt lifelong at this point. The past decade of my life has felt like twice that because of how the symptoms have affected me. I've searched for any way to help mitigate these effects- DBT self-taught exercises, therapy (in person and online), journaling, self-esteem, self-compassion, trauma healing, and finally, physical health changes.

The Unplug Initiative
I Went to Planet Fitness for the First Time and Didn't Die

I've never been a gym person. I feel like it's the equivalent of being on display, like an animal at the zoo. But people pay admission to see the animals at the zoo and marvel at their greatness. I pay money to go feel self-conscious and awkward.

The Mental & Physical Benefits of Cutting Out Sugar

This piece was contributed by Jessica Mathis at The Unplug Initiative. Please take a moment to check out her blog! She's an incredible writer with amazing tips on self improvement, living with mental illness and creating a better life! I love her content and I'm sure you will too!

Mental Health

Build Self-Esteem with These Tips and Exercises

Like many now-adults who grew up without the proper nurturing and emotional care-giving, I've had a lifelong battle with low self-esteem. It's affected the way I view myself, how I let people treat me, and my own level of happiness. I've made it my personal...

The Unplug Initiative
How Gratitude Has Affected My Mental Health

Inspired by Cassie from Upcycled Adulting, I wanted to talk about something that has impacted my life. Gratitude, or more specifically, the practice of being grateful has shown positive effects in multiple scientific studies. The correlation is clear: being grateful is linked to increased happiness, overall better mental health, increased empathy, and better physical health.

The Unplug Initiative
The First Skill You Should Master in DBT

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy is a multifaceted approach to handling difficult emotions and learning to live in the moment. It was originally designed for people with borderline personality disorder, but can be used for any disordered thinking. If you have BPD, or any other mental illness, and have researched possible solutions or treatments, you likely have encountered DBT.

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