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Took a compliment from an English teacher too seriously and wound up being a writer.

Currently working as a freelance writer.


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Security Doors & Windows by SEQU-DOOR
Safety tips for stay at home moms (3 minute read) | Security Doors & Windows by SEQU-DOOR

When it comes to safety and security, people often overlook their own personal security when in the comfort of their own home. You are no less likely to be a victim of crime when you're at home than when you are out, and it is, therefore, crucial that you prioritise your own personal safety no matter where you are.

Predicted interior design trends for 2020

2020 is nearly upon us and with it comes a whole array of exciting interior design and décor trends to explore. Here are some of the top interior design trends to look out for in 2020: Colours to look out for While the pantone colour of the year has not yet been announced, many other paint companies have shed light on what they believe most popular...

Brain food: healthy exam time snacks for your children

Brain food: healthy exam time snacks for your children - Exam time is upon us and that means hours upon hours of sitting at home studying, which can turn even the hardiest brains into mush. In order to help keep your

Top schools in the Johannesburg Northern suburbs

Ensuring that your child gets the best possible education is something that parents across the world strive for. A good school will teach your children more than just academics, it will introduce them to an invaluable way of thinking, creativity, extramural opportunities and perhaps most importantly, it will open doors for their future.

The difference between propane and LPG

The difference between propane and LPG You have probably heard of both LPG and propane gas, but what exactly is the difference between the two? LPG and propane are essentially the same thing and difference between the two, if any, is dependent on what country you are in.

5 reasons to stay in South Africa

It has been a topic that is on the tips of tongues of many South Africans this year - should I stay, or should I go? Oftentimes it seems as though there are infinite reasons why leaving the country in search of greener pastures is a good idea, be it ever-increasing crime rates, the results of the recent elections, endemic government corruption or difficulties finding jobs.

Sonae Arauco
Sustainable reforestation - how it works

As companies that make use of wood as a material, the onus falls on us to practise sustainable reforestation to ensure that we do not overuse and eventually deplete this valuable natural resource and cause harm to the environment as a result.

Summer holiday outings to enjoy with your kids

The summer holidays are here and that means that boredom seems to constantly lurk on the horizon. To keep that holiday boredom at bay and to ensure that your kids don't find themselves glued to the TV day in and day out, why not look at getting out of your house and going on a holiday outing that's exciting, educational and most importantly - fun for the whole family.

Sonae Arauco
Four interior design trends with a South African twist.

South Africa is a melting pot of diverse cultures and beliefs, with eleven official languages and many more unofficial languages. All these people and their collective heritage come together to form our Rainbow Nation. South African and - by extension, African - designs, stand out because of their unabashed originality, bright colours, dynamic energy and their love of contrast.


Our Friends
A Guide to Being Lazy in Cape Town - Part 2

Moving on from Part 1, Jess continues on her compiled a list of things to do in Cape Town that won't drain you of your humanity. Food One of the best parts of Cape Town is the food you can find there.

Our Friends
A Guide to Being Lazy in Cape Town - Part 1

You've made it to Cape Town. You're filled with excitement as you gaze from the mountains to the sea and then back again. You can't wait to explore. Unfortunately, if you ask any Capetonian about what exciting things there are for you to do in their lovely city, you're definitely going to be met with responses containing words such as 'hike', 'climb', 'nature trail' or 'run'.

Texx and the City
La Maison Noir: The Gift and the Curse

Pulling heavily on the classical elements of fire, earth, wind and water, intertwined with his own take on the Congolese Cosmogram, Petite Noir (real name Yanick Illunga) has created a four-part visual masterpiece rich in symbolism, colour and energy - an oeuvre that calls for collective transcendence as it shines a spotlight on the unconquerable African spirit.


Our Friends
There's no such thing as twenty-four hours at Endless Daze

You're sitting on the beach with your friends watching the sunset, gin and tonic (or kombucha if you are so inclined?) in hand. A cool sea breeze blows through your hair, carrying with it the not-so distant sounds of an awesome band's set. This is Endless Daze and it's a damn good time.

Texx and the City
the klubs cordially invite you to join their Cult Party pt 1: male plague

Here come the klubs. A brand new three-piece post-punk band straight out of Pretoria. Their debut release, a 5 song EP Cult Party pt.1: male plague is an audacious auditory exploration into the unpleasant state of the world. Opening track "FFS" serves as a deceptively apathetic introduction for the listener.

Texx and the City
Mama Aiuto's debut "Well Rested in Peace" is an ode to tranquillity

Well Rested in Peace is the dreamy debut album for Mama Aiuto, the brainchild and latest project of Cape Town based producer Benjamin McCarthy (Oracles and The World of Birds). Clocking in at just over 16 minutes and comprising of 8 tracks, Well Rested in Peace offers the listener a chance at attaining just that, as it invites you to sit back, relax and completely unwind.

Our Friends
Oppikoppi 2016: Is This What a Breakup Feels Like? - Our Friends

Jess and Henry power teamed our Oppikoppi 2016 coverage. Jess writes a review that will blow your mind and Henry has created an incredible set of images that will give you FOMO. Oh Oppi, I miss you so much and even though we've only been apart a day, it feels like months.

Texx and the City
In Review: RAMfest reborn

When RAMfest announced it was taking a hiatus in order to regroup and re-plan, metal and rock fans alike were left with a giant ram-shaped hole in their hearts.


Our Friends
Looking to Endless Daze 2018: A quick word with Medicine Boy - Our Friends

We caught up with the Berlin-based, dream noise duo ahead of their Saturday night performance at Endless Daze Festival 2018 has been a big year for you two, moving to Berlin, signing to Fuzz Club Records and releasing your second full length album 'Lower'; what are your plans for the future?


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