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My name is Jessica Fagherazzi and I'm a Communication and International Studies soon-to-be graduate at Newman University in Wichita, KS. I currently write weekly content for The Vantage and do freelance translation online for Unbabel. I also worked as an Event Marketing intern at Intrust Bank Arena and as an Advertising Sales Associate at Atomic Billboards. I have fluency in English and Portuguese and intermediate knowledge of Spanish, French, and Italian.

"Meet Jessica Fagherazzi" Website

This website was an assignment for my Communication and Computer Technology class. The goal was to create our own website with fun, creative, and interesting content to inform people about ourselves and our accomplishments. I won first place as to Most Creative Website and Best Design.

Newman student's fashion project in Wichita

Student photographer from Newman University creates a fashion project in Wichita called "Lookbook", where she gathers her pictures of fashionable students..

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