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Bristol, UK.

Indie Record Labels: Stemming the Tide of Change - Impakter

The modern music landscape has become a complicated subject since the commercial use of the internet altogether causing major changes and developments for the entire industry. Now over 20 years on, it is fair to say that certain areas of the industry have taken some hits.

Can Donald Trump Really Afford to Ignore Climate Change? - Impakter

The vote has been cast, democracy has spoken and Donald Trump is set to be the United States of America's 49 th President. A little hard to believe for some but a momentous occasion for others: the election result has certainly created divisive opinions and actions across the world, and Trump continues to be the provocateur we have come to know throughout his campaign.

World Radio Paris
Paris Music Fix

Jessica Brassington explores Paris' music scene in a show full of interviews, music and a run down of the week's best gigs across the city.

The Example of Venezuela: How Water Mismanagement Led to Disaster - Impakter

Mismanagement of water resources around the world has meant that today more than one billion people lack access to decent water and risk their lives because of sanitation problems. Causes are multiple and include wasteful irrigation, water leakage, and theft in urban areas and top-down establishment approaches that disregard local needs and eschew community-led approaches based on local, traditional water-management systems. Venezuela, the South American country best known for its abundant...

Rocky Dawuni
Defining Afro Roots Music | Rocky Dawuni | African Roots

Originally a term created to outline the scope of music influenced by the continent of Africa, the term "Afro Roots" has become much more understood and defined as part of Africa's modern music perspective. The concept of Afro Roots music is about the African past and its present; a genre morphed over time and constantly evolving.

Peacefire: An Interview With Aloe Blacc - Impakter

is an artist renowned for creating music to represent the underdog in society; an artist that has championed various causes including Malaria No More, UK and supported charter schools in Brooklyn. Songs such as "Wake Me Up," "The Man and I Need a Dollar " are known across the globe and feature inspirational and motivational lyrics that have captured the heart of millions.

Let's Talk About Periods - Impakter

The word taboo, throughout history, has had a broad spectrum of meanings: forbidden, magic, frightening and untouchable are just a few examples of how the word has been translated and understood.

CoderDojo: An Interview with Bill Liao - Impakter

is just one of the many inspiring, but vital projects, philanthropist, Bill Liao has spearheaded over his expansive career and each one exists to provide solutions to significant problems that face the modern world.

Peacefire: An interview with Rocky Dawuni - Impakter

Rocky Dawuni is well known across Africa and the world for his infectious Afro Roots sound and humanitarian activism. His dedication to spread his message of love, positivity, and empowerment, is expressed through both his uplifting, African grooves and his cultural diplomacy.

The Metropolist
INTERVIEW: JONES - The Metropolist

London-based singer-songwriter JONES (a.k.a Cherie Jones) is on the verge of releasing her debut album, New Skin, a collection of soul inspired, pop hooks with the added bonus of beautiful songwriting. Back in 2015, JONES released her debut EP Indulge; produced by XL Recordings' Rodaidh McDonald (Savages, Daughter, XX), the EP emphasised her talent in ...

The Metropolist
INTERVIEW: Anna of the North - The Metropolist

Anna of the North, made up of Norwegian-born, Anna Lotterud, and New Zealand-born, Brady Daniell-Smith, is a band beautifully and cautiously crafted. With no set plan or clear direction following their debut single back in 2014, the duo, a collision of Brady's melodic synth-infused storytelling and Anna's ethereal vocals and alluring songwriting, seemed to have ...

The Metropolist
INTERVIEW: Thom Sonny Green - The Metropolist

The call to Thom Sonny Green went through on a warm Wednesday afternoon and after he finished describing the view from the balcony of his London flat he added how lucky he felt. It is this gratitude that makes Thom so easy to talk to.

The Metropolist
INTERVIEW: Mac Quayle - The Metropolist

Both Emmy and Grammy nominated, Mac Quayle is a composer at the top of his game and currently writing the score for Mr Robot season 2. With season 1 recently made available as a vinyl package, it's a perfect moment to gain a deeper insight into the world of Mr Quayle.

The Metropolist
INTERVIEW: Alex Somers - The Metropolist

Alex Somer's latest artistry is hauntingly beautiful, a soundtrack that effortlessly glides from track to track telling its own story, yet also fulfils its duty to perfectly match the mood and emotions of the Matt Ross's latest film, Captain Fantastic. The film focuses on a father played by Viggo Mortensen, who, after tragedy strikes, has to ...

The Metropolist
REVIEW: River Tiber - Indigo - The Metropolist

Indigo is a twelve track project of pure luxury; a synth driven, R&B infused collision of sounds further layered with various, unassuming instruments and soulful harmonies. More widely known for his talent as a producer, working alongside an array of hip-hop artists, including the likes of Drake, Freddie Gibbs, and Travis Scott, Indigo shows that ...

The Metropolist
INTERVIEW: Braids - The Metropolist

Recently releasing their latest EP, Companion, and fresh from a small tour around the UK including a Glastonbury appearance, Braids are a band that has steadily grown in stature since their debut album, Native Speaker, back in 2011, with new members and new directions. Their latest, critically acclaimed LP, Deep in Iris (2015), is an ...

The Metropolist
REVIEW: Cat's Eyes - Treasure House - The Metropolist

The Horror's frontman, Faris Badwan, recently commented that 'Cat's Eyes isn't really a band' but rather 'two people responding to each other.' The idea that their music 'never really settles' and is, therefore, 'always adapting and shifting' is the perfect way to perceive their new album, Treasure House.

The Metropolist
INTERVIEW: Cullen Omori - The Metropolist

Cullen Omori, previously frontman of now defunct Chicago indie-rockers Smith Westerns, seems to be doing everything right in establishing himself as a solo artist. Following on from the band's success, which included three studio albums since 2009, and notable hits such as Weekend and Varsity, Cullen hopes to build his new career slowly and organically.

The Metropolist
INTERVIEW: Kristin Kontrol - The Metropolist

It has been an interesting and challenging transition for Dum Dum Girls' lead singer, Dee Dee, aka, Kristen Welchez. Her new solo project, Kristin Kontrol, is a step in a new direction that fuses all her musical influences and puts her love of pop music to the forefront.

The Metropolist
INTERVIEW: Gabriel Bruce - The Metropolist

Gabriel Bruce created something of an enigma around himself early on in his career, with his first 7 inch accompanied by a lengthy Dada-influenced illustrated book discussing sleep paralysis, tales of gothic and/or Christian influences and the fact that he used to be an antiquarian bookseller.

The Metropolist
INTERVIEW: Lawrence Rothman - The Metropolist

Mr Lawrence Rothman, the haunting, disquieting and fascinating enigma, with his unique blend of music, visual art and alter-egos, is due to release his debut album, The Book of Law this summer. If the releases so far are anything to go by, it will, at the very least, be unlike anything else you've heard.

The Metropolist
INTRODUCING: Lake Komo - The Metropolist

The grungy basement venue of Manchester's Soup Kitchen was packed with familiar faces last Saturday night to welcome back Lake Komo. The budding sonic-pop band made up of Jay (vocals & guitar), Jess (keyboards), Pete (bass), and Maxwell (drums) relocated to the music metropolis last year and have just finished their tour around the North of England filling intimate, quirky venues with their expansive sound, with influences ranging from electro to indie pop.

Clang Music: A Revolution is Coming - Impakter

Salim Kraatz and Grigorii Posner, two old schools friends, after collaborating on various projects, were ultimately lead to the idea of Clang, a streaming service inspired by music and travel. By teaming up with ethnomusicologist, Dr. Edda Brandes, and tech expert, Chris Zidjou, Kraatz and Posner were excited about the possibility to allow people to access music through the context of its roots and creation.

The Metropolist
ALBUM REVIEW: Wild Nothing - Life of Pause - The Metropolist

The Wild Nothing project, a group spearheaded by song-writer Jack Tatum, returns in full LP form this Friday with the release of Life of Pause. The music falls somewhere between indie rock and dream pop and Tatum has been pretty open about his ideas and d

The Metropolist
SoundCloud Weekly: 5 tracks you need in your life - The Metropolist

A playlist of cleverly woven genres and evocative songwriting that serves to satisfy a whole host of human emotion. From expressive songwriting to the perfect bass injection, SoundCloud Weekly will have you reaching for repeat play this weekend. Kwamie Liv - PERFECT GRACE Kwamie Liv has recently released two music videos to coincide with her latest single, Perfect Grace.

Vicomte A: Lifestyle In Colour - Impakter

is inspired by lifestyle events and codes of dress, but what sets the brand apart from the rest is the use of colour. From the bold to the more subtle, founder, Arthur de Soultrait, always incorporates vibrant colours that add an element of fun to his very wearable designs.

The Metropolist
ALBUM REVIEW: Tuff Love - Resort - The Metropolist

The latest release by Tuff Love is a combination of three EPs: Junk, Dross and Dregs. Released on the record label, Lost Maps, the Glaswegian duo, Julie Eisenstein (guitar/vocals) and Suse Bear (bass/vocals) have finally created the long play we've all been waiting for.

The Metropolist
5 Must Hear Debut Albums of 2015 - The Metropolist

It's list season folks and we're kicking ours off with the best debut albums of 2015. It was a stellar year for up-and-comers and there were plenty of options to pick from, but we've managed to narrow it down to our five favourites.

The Metropolist
INTERVIEW: Her - The Metropolist

Young Rennes-duo, Her, are firmly on our music radar thanks to their sultry - and dare we say raunchy - new single, Quite Like. The French newcomers magically weave a mix of jazz and soul influences with a thoroughly modern, sexy spin.

The Metropolist
SoundCloud Weekly: 5 tracks you need in your life - The Metropolist

The end of September is upon us and new tunes from established and up and coming artists are taking over SoundCloud with their fresh, autumnal tracks. Here's our weekly small, but outstanding playlist of artists to listen to that will transition you from festival season to gig season in one fell swoop.

The Metropolist
SoundCloud Weekly: 5 tracks you need in your life - The Metropolist

We are passed the halfway point of January, Blue Monday is over and music releases are back in full swing so celebrate a little with SoundCloud Weekly. Here to give you a taste of some of the best up and coming music, this week's top 5 is all about musical layers, energetic beats and cheap thrills.

Twins for Peace: Be Good. Be Cool | Impakter

On first look, Twins for Peace is a company that sells shoes to raise funds to produce shoes for children in poverty-stricken countries, but, that description merely scratches the surface. In fact, Twins for Peace was created to 'foster impactful progress', to consistently invest in these poverty stricken countries by creating long lasting projects.

The Metropolist
INTERVIEW: Dua Lipa - The Metropolist

Born in London and growing up alongside her father's extensive, eclectic music collection, Dua Lipa was inspired from an early age to forge her own music expression. From Tupac to Dylan, Bowie and later, Alt J and Chance The Rapper, Dua has succeeded in incorporating these exceedingly diverse influences to create a dynamic, pop sound.

The Metropolist
SoundCloud Weekly: 5 tracks you need in your life - The Metropolist

From Scandinavia to the Congo, this week's SoundCloud Weekly playlist represents great music from all far-flung corners of the world, bringing an unholy plethora of beats and influences to satisfy your new music cravings. Miles From Kinshasa Congolese newcomer, Miles From Kinshasa has set the bar high with his debut, IVRY.

The Metropolist
SoundCloud Weekly: 5 Tracks You Need in Your Life - The Metropolist

Listen up, folks! Here's our weekly pick of five tracks that will keep those eardrums occupied for the next seven days whilst helping you discover more new artists who are streaming great music on SoundCloud. Crank up those speakers. Lois Lois Ares Brea, although a member of the Madrid-based band, Trajano, has also been working ...

Peacefire - An Interview with Tom Erba - Impakter

Composer and producer, Tom Erba is set to create a song in the hope of bringing together people of the Congo. His wide-ranging career has led him to use his talent in music to inspire, learn from others and help spark social change.

The Modern, AltPop Perspective - Impakter

Altpop should be defined as genre that experiments with popular categories of music of all eras and shows the vision and influences of the specific artist. Now that the music industry has reached a modern era, it seems the right time to look to broader music genres and their relevance in music today.

The Metropolist
SoundCloud Weekly: 5 tracks you need in your life - The Metropolist

This week's top five features a delectable mix of dark tales, hard-hitting choruses and haunting vocals. Every track serves to provide a sense of escapism taking you on a short journey of discovery or renewed introduction. So let your mind wander and soak in these enticing sounds.

The Metropolist
INTERVIEW: CuckooLander - The Metropolist

Fresh from supporting The Libertines on their London-Eurpoean tour, ex Charli XCX bandmate, CuckooLander is firmly putting her stamp on the scene with her 80s, twisted-pop sounds. Brought up in Dorset, CuckooLander (Holly Hardy) is is a true country bumpkin giving her pastoral sensibilities an urban edge with new single, Mother Nature; a unique tribute to nature and the universe.

The Metropolist
SoundCloud Weekly: 5 tracks you need in your life - The Metropolist

This week's SoundCloud Weekly offers a mixture of warm, soulful tones and dreamy, bitter sweet storytelling. Ta-Ku The latest single from Australian producer, Ta-ku is taken from the eight track EP, Songs To Make Up To. Featuring the soft vocal tones of Alina Baraz, the single offers chilled, electronic soul with a playful and inviting melody ...

The Metropolist
INTERVIEW: Rukhsana Merrise - The Metropolist

London-born, singer-songwriter, Rukhsana Merrise has just dropped her debut EP, September Songs. With a unique blend of folk and soul, her debut is proof of how significant September 2014 was when she set to work on a bedroom project creating an intimate collection of tracks over the course of a month.

The Metropolist
SoundCloud Weekly: 5 tracks you need in your life - The Metropolist

Comebacks, second singles and debut albums; the pick of SoundCloud this week is an exciting collection of musicians that have done nothing but leave us wanting more. From the timeless to the futuristic, take a listen to our top five to satisfy your melodic cravings. New music, we salute you!

The Metropolist
SOUNDCLOUD WEEKLY: 5 tracks you need in your life - The Metropolist

With lashings of funky beats, electronic synths and good-time vibes, this week's SoundCloud Top 5 is a real sonic treat. The perfect aural accompaniment to a sunny summer weekend. Turn on, tune in and flop out. Thatboislim Not long on the scene and still only 19 years old, Slim is starting to gain attention.

Frances Isabel: The Dream, the Talent Show and the Future. - Impakter

The hardest part was the idea of finding your place in the world of entertainment where talent is not the only importance The modern, televised talent show, a method that aims to quickly sift through thousands of hopefuls to find the next big thing has attracted as much criticism as it has praise, but for many emerging artists the initial push to present their talent and get their voices heard is extremely difficult.

François du Chastel: The Man Behind the Slipper - Impakter

The idea behind started with a love story. Founder, François du Chastel offered his love a pair of slippers he designed, with a verse by Victor Hugo embossed in the inner sole: "I cannot live far away" ... "from you any longer". The outcome?